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Most Popular

Here you will find a selection of the top most popular accessories for your Argo XTV. Tried and tested, these accessories offer great value and extend the capabilities of your vehicle to suit your needs.

By allowing users to choose exactly which accessories they want, Argo gives a truly personalized experience! It’s rare to find two Argos that are exactly alike – they reflect their function as hard-working machines that are ideally suited to their owner’s unique requirements.


Protection of crew and of vehicle is a top priority in the wild.

Even though a standard Argo is already remarkably capable and safe, with an industry-leading low center of gravity to help prevent tipping, for your peace of mind you can enhance this safety further with our tailored options.

Not only do the ROPS bars and the brushguards provide protection, they also act as a useful mounting point for other accessories you may wish to specify.

Ensure that your Argo XTV will do what you need it to with this selection of roll-over bars, skid plates, brushguards, lighting, windshields, mudguards, and more!

(Don’t forget to also check out our Comfort section for options to further increase the protection of crew from the elements.)


Want to equip your Argo XTV so it can be easily lifted with a helicopter? No problem.

How about a heavy-duty lockable utility box to keep your gear safe? We have that too!

Here you will find gun racks, trailers, tow hooks, spare tire holders, winches, snow plows, and more. We even have accessories for the accessories, such as the remote control option for the winch kits!

Increase the usability of your Argo with this range of convenient accessories from Shank’s.


Adding a set of tracks to your Argo will increase the go-anywhere ability even further, and lighten the “footprint” of this incredible vehicle to allow it to cross any kind of terrain without damage or sinking.

From snow to sand, gravel to swamp, there is a Track option to suit your environment.

We can even supply ice cleats that give you more grip in snow and ice!

Some of the tracks are designed to fit over the tires of your Argo, while others come complete with their own wheels. If you’re not sure what is right for you, please contact us – we’ll be happy to advise you.


While it may seem strange to have an accessory section dedicated to “comfort” for such extreme vehicles, an Argo can be specified to provide a surprisingly advanced degree of protection from the elements and all-day-long ride comfort so you and your crew arrive ready for work – not already exhausted by the journey.

You’ll appreciate the suspension seat option if you regularly cross rocky ground or partially paved roads. For more comfort, there’s even a beadlock system now available (if you specify when ordering your XTV) that allows you to operate the tires with as little as 1 psi!

You can also warm up on board with a heater option and the half or full convertible tops that will keep the worst of the cold, snow, and rain off you.

Fire & Rescue

Argo XTVs are increasingly becoming recognized for their ability in the first responder industry, proof of their dependability and strength.

Here you will find a selection of accessories exclusively developed to transform the base Argo into a firefighting solution or a medivac patient extraction vehicle.