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  • “Argo XTVs: no fuss, all reliability
  • Argo XTVs: for enthusiasts and life-savers alike
  • No terrain is impossible to trek, no location unreachable
  • Mud. Snow. Water. 45° Inclines. Ice.
  • Rugged. Outdoors. Any Duty.
  • Any Weather. Anywhere.
  • No Task Left Incomplete.
  • Argo XTV Strong.
  • Job Done.”
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Argo is synonymous with service excellence and product quality in the line of XTVs also known as UTVs. Shank’s Argo endeavors to keep in step with that tradition. The company’s years in the industry are testament to its top-caliber quality.

In Pennsylvania, we are a trusted Argo XTV aka UTV dealer, among the best in the business. Coupled with our passion for everything outdoors, as well as our sense of adventure and daring, Shank’s Argo is your one stop amphibious 6×6 and 8×8 dealer.

As the premier authorized Argo dealer of Pennsylvania, and one of the largest Argo dealers on the East Coast, we are proud to present you with the finest line-up of Argo UTVs you’ll find anywhere online. Shank’s Argo specializes in 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles, from recreational to search and rescue models. Check our product roster for different accessories. We aim to fulfill your needs as completely as possible.

You’ll find dedicated sections here for all seven markets that we serve – from Wilderness to First Response, Exploration to Agriculture, we’ve got the solution to your unique needs. All vehicles come with the same, world-renowned ruggedness and reliability expected of products that get the job done. Steep inclines, snow, mud, and other obstacles – not to mention any type of weather – cannot stop anyone trying to accomplish a task on board an Argo XTV or UTV.

Shank’s Argo is a one-stop Argo XTV dealer for both outdoor enthusiasts and people who prefer to get the job done without a fuss.

Want to extend the capabilities of your Argo even further?

We’ve got you covered. Head to our Argo Accessories section now – and remember we can ship to any state – just contact us if you’re not sure what will fit your model.

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Our team has over 200 years of outdoor power equipment experience. We don’t do anything else.

We speak Argo, and whether you’ve relied on your Argo for years or whether you’re new to the Argo family, we’re happy to hear from you and make you feel welcome.  We sell and service more Argo UTV equipment than most of our competitors combined!

Shank's Argo

Shank’s has been satisfying the requirements of outdoor power equipment users in the Cumberland Valley area of South Central PA since 1984, starting out as a simple engine repair shop, branching out into the turf industry, and steadily growing to represent an increasing number of respected brands in the industry.
Shank's Argo
Shank's Argo3 hours ago
Need more adventure? The ARGO XTV is built to take you there.
#dontriskit #adventureislife #goanywhere #argoxtv
Shank's Argo
Shank's Argo2 days ago
"The Fearless Outdoors team has yet to come up against an obstacle that the ARGO XTREME TERRAIN Vehicle cannot overcome! ARGO XTV"
Video © Wild Life Road Trips
#fearlessoutdoors #extremeterrain #huntinglife #goanywhere #argoxtv
Shank's Argo
Shank's Argo
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Get more value for less 💰 with the XR 500 LE 4-wheel ATV from ARGO. The Xplorer Series is well-equipped with standard features not found on most other ATVs.
#atv #fourwheeler #xplorer #trailriding
Shank's Argo
Shank's Argo4 days ago
For more than 50 years, ARGO XTV has been producing amphibious extreme terrain vehicles. These amazing 6 or 8 wheeled offroad vehicles have been used by hunters, first responders, government agencies, militaries from around the world, and even NASA.
#xtremeterrain #amphibious #offroad #argoxtv #goanywhere
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Shank's Argo5 days ago
"If transportation on the ice is required, Fish With Jim Outfitters provides the safest ice fishing transportation with our Argo 8X8 750 HDi. Even if the ice lets you down, our Argo will keep going with its amphibious capability." - Fish with Jim Outfitters
Fish With Jim Outfitters
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Shank's Argo6 days ago
When the odds are stacked against you, the ARGO XTV will overcome all terrain and weather conditions to transport personnel and equipment to and from the emergency site.
📷 © Butte County Sheriff Search & Rescue
#searchandrescue #extremeterrain #emergencyresponder #argoxtv #goanywhere