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AVENGER 8×8 Responder


Designed to be used primarily by emergency services, the ARGO Avenger 8X8 Responder is equipped with a rear-loading stretcher mount and options for additional medical equipment for first response and search and rescue operations or a fire suppression system for fighting fires in remote areas. This model has a maximum payload of 950 lbs. and can carry up to 6 people with the stretcher folded, or three people with the stretcher in use. It’s equipped with an Admiral transmission paired with a standard final drive for flat terrain or high torque final drive for climbing steep terrain. The 3,500 lb. Warn winch can be attached to the front or rear of the Avenger 8X8 Responder XTV to help extract equipment and victims, while cargo capacity can be expanded by taking advantage of its 1,800 lb. towing capacity.

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