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The Avenger 8X8 ST comes with minimal equipment to provide maximum cargo capacity: it can carry up to 1,070 lbs., tow up to 1,800 lbs. and seat up to 6 people. It’s powered by a 30 HP water-cooled Kohler Aegis V-twin coupled to an Admiral transmission, offering brake steering that provides precise steering control while maintaining a turning radius that’s the length of the vehicle. It can be equipped with either a standard final drive gear for a higher top speed or high torque final drive to provide more power for climbing steep terrain and carrying heavy loads.

Go In Style! With their beadlock rims, the luxuriously designed Avenger 8X8 LX is built for long, smooth rides with speeds up to 25 mph. These Avenger models break through with a sleek ARGO design in a selection of bold designer color options to satisfy the most discerning of XTV enthusiasts. But LX beauty is more than skin deep with ergonomically designed features for comfort and safety to fight off fatigue and get more enjoyment on those long outings.

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