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Whether you’re an outfitter taking people to remote locations or you just like going into the wilderness to hunt and fish, Argo’s XTVs make it easy to get away from civilization, carrying you and your gear across any terrain.

When you’re far away from town, there’s not much in the way of infrastructure, limiting access to ATVs and UTVs. An XTV can cross hard surfaces, soft surfaces, and water with ease. That means it won’t get bogged down in mud or snow, it doesn’t have to be driven to a shallow area to cross a stream, and it doesn’t need to be launched from a dock. In the water and want to cross a low water section or an area thick with grass and reeds? An Argo can drive over these areas whereas a boat would need to be drug or carried. Traveling through the mountains? XTVs have a low center of gravity, so you’re less likely to tip when driving around steep terrain. The design allows the underside to be protected by a full-length skid plate, so there’s no chance of snagging on rocks and branches. This gives you a major advantage when going after game because you can access areas that are out of reach to most hunters and fishermen.

How hard is it to learn how to drive this type of vehicle? Surprisingly, it’s pretty easy. There’s a low and high range shifter, but everything else including the steering and gearing is controlled automatically. That means all you have to do is control the throttle and turn the handlebars the direction you want to go. XTVs use brake steering on all 6 or 8 wheels instead of turning the front wheels with a steering rack. That means there’s no bump steer forcing you to hang on tight to control the vehicle. Add in a comfortable seating position that keeps the weight off your wrists, and long drives won’t take a toll on you like they would in an ATV.

What about equipment? Argo lets you configure your XTV to fit your needs, whether you want more space for people or more space for hunting gear. If you want a little of both, there’s always the option of adding a cargo rack. Plan on staying in your vehicle for extended periods? There are seating and protection options that can protect you from weather and help you blend into your surroundings, while lights can be added to stay on the chase from the early morning into the night.

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