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6×6 Scout

6×6 Scout

Customized with an Infinity Camo shell for hunters and outdoorsmen who require greater stealth in the woods, the new ARGO Scout 6×6 is powerful, reliable and as tough-as-nails. With ample cargo storage, you can head out to explore remote hunting grounds, tackle tight woods, rocky canyons, marshy bogs, or whatever dares to cross your path, secure in the knowledge that the ARGO Scout 6×6 will get you to your prime spots and back.

6×6 Scout Overview

The new 2016 ARGO Scout 6×6 is a hunter’s best weapon and features a number of unique options as standard equipment.

6×6 Scout Colors


6×6 Scout Features

•Upgraded front and rear seat cushions as well as a front seat backrest pad featuring refined stitching and custom embossing of the ARGO logo
•2-position, fold down rack for extra cargo storage
•Hood rack capable of carrying cargo and small game out of the bush
•Enhanced brushguard provides outstanding protection for the front end of the vehicle, absorbing impacts from off-road hazards such as brush, branches, and more
•Entry steps to assist in vehicle entry and exit when outfitted with gear, backpack and guns
•USB power outlet, for riders to charge their phones, play digital media and utilize their GPS
•Enhanced lighting package featuring dual high powered floodlights
•Interior lighting package to illuminate front driving area and vehicle console
•Bilge pump
•WARN power winch

6×6 Scout Specs



6×6 Scout Downloads

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