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Maintaining Your Argo’s Transmission

With its brake-based steering and double or triple differentials, an Argo XTV transmission may seem complex. However, working on one isn’t much different than working on the CVTs found in regular ATVs and side-by-sides. Here’s how you can check the health of your transmission and take care of common maintenance tasks, like fluid and belt […]
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How Does My Argo’s Transmission Work?

Skid steering? Steering brakes? All-wheel drive that works on pavement? If you’re new to Argo’s amphibious ATVs, they can be confusing. Here’s how Argo’s transmissions both move and steer their vehicles. CVT with Selectable Final Drive If you’re familiar with UTVs, this transmission will be familiar. The CVT works by using a V-shaped belt wrapped […]
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