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8×8 Responder FF

8×8 Responder FF

The ARGO 8×8 750 HDi CET Fire Fighting Skid Unit with Foam can be used instantly to deploy firefighters, complete with the spray and foaming equipment to suppress fires on the spot. Put the same system to work to protect vulnerable sites with fire retardants to help prevent fires before they start.

8×8 Responder FF Overview

The 8-wheel drive amphibious off-road vehicle overcomes all terrain and weather conditions to transport personnel and equipment to and from remote fire sites, with a firefighting unit that can easily be removed and switched out for a Stretcher (Ferno #9), Basket (Ferno Traverse) or 80 gallon water tank without foam. ARGO’s load carrying capacity also gives emergency planners total flexibility to deliver the right personnel and supplies with every trip to the site – up to 6 passengers on land, 4 on water or as much as 1,150 lb. (521 kg) of payload. Add ARGO to your rescue fleet for the response you need when the odds are stacked against you.

8×8 Responder FF Colors

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8×8 Responder FF Features

Standard Equipment(Drop-in Unit)
•6 hp Honda motor with CET two stage centrifugal fire pump
•Fully baffled 75 gallon water tank •Bilge pump
•5 gallon drop in foam cell (80 gallon total)
•Scotty foam system with hardware for foam cell
•100 ft. (30.4 m) 5/8” (16 mm) booster hose and forestry nozzle
•Brushguard and WARN Power Winch
•Tow hook and Entry step
•1.5″ (38 mm) Suction inlet
•1.5″ (38 mm) Secondary outlet for soft hose

CET Fire Fighting Skid Unit + FoamVehicle Features
•Innovative triple-differential ADMIRAL transmission with independent steering brakes
•Optional high torque transmission for extreme terrain performance
•Increased steering efficiency for more and constant power to the wheels
•Electronic Fuel Injection provides:
•Increased fuel efficiency
•Reliable cold weather starting
•Improved high altitude performance
•On-board diagnostics
•Large rear cargo capacity
•Long wheel base for increased ride comfort over rough terrain
•Large triple-sealed outer axle bearings
•Front and rear bearing extensions
•Full skid plate for lower body protection
•8-wheel traction with low centre of gravity for extra stability
•25” (635 mm) ARGO tires with proprietary tread design
•Electronic ignition, brake lights, horn and back-up alarm
•Digital Gauge Cluster (speedometer, tachometer, odometer, voltmeter, hour meter, engine coolant temperature, low oil pressure, parking brake reminder lights and check engine light)
•Self-adjusting hydraulic brakes with vented discs
•Low emissions

8×8 Responder FF Specs


8×8 Responder FF Downloads

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