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8×8 Scout

8×8 Scout

This 8-wheel drive amphibious off-road vehicle is powered by a 4 stroke OHV V-Twin air cooled 747cc, 26 hp Kohler Command Pro engine with electronic fuel injection. It has a load capacity of up to 900 lb. / 410 kg on land or 800 lb. / 360 kg on water, can transport 6 passengers on land, 4 on water and features a towing capacity of 1,400 lb. / 635 kg.

8×8 Scout Overview

Customized with an Infinity Camo shell for hunters and outdoorsmen who require more stealth in the woods, the special edition 8×8 ARGO Scout is powerful, reliable and as tough as nails.

With an upgraded 26 horsepower engine and ample cargo storage, you can explore new hunting grounds, tackle dense woods, rocky canyons, marshy bogs, or whatever dares cross your path, secure in the knowledge that the ARGO Scout 8×8 will get you to your prime spots and back.

8×8 Scout Colors


8×8 Scout Features

Includes a number of unique features as standard equipment:

• 3,500 lb. WARN power winch
• Full length skid plate to provide added insurance against lower body damage
• Robust brush guard provides outstanding protection for the front end of the vehicle, absorbing impacts from off-road hazards such as brush, branches, and more
• Bilge pump
• Dual side entry steps to assist in vehicle entry and exit when loaded with gear, backpack and firearms
• Interior lighting package to illuminate front driving and passenger area and rear cargo area
• Front and rear bearing extensions
• 12V / Dual USB power outlet, for riders to charge their phones, play digital media and utilize their GPS
• Brake lights

Includes a number of model specific accessories as part of the trim package:

• Premium front and rear seat cushions as well as a front seat backrest pad featuring refined stitching and custom embossing of the ARGO logo
• Removable 2-position, fold down rear rack for extra cargo storage
• Removable hood rack capable of carrying cargo and small game out of the bush
• Enhanced lighting package featuring dual headlamps and high powered LED floodlights
All standard accessories are compatible except:
• Storage Cover, Utility Storage Pouch, Utility Rack
• Windshield Wiper Kit (When installed on windshield, hood rack must be removed to allow folding down for transportation purposes)
• Outboard Motor Bracket, Gas Can Holder, Tire Holder, Handrails can be used with rear cargo rack removed

8×8 Scout Specs

Engine 3 year
Model Kohler Command Pro
Horsepower 26
Displacement 747cc
Cooling Air cooled
Starting Electric
Brakes Hydraulic
Steering One-piece, ergonomic handlebar. Steering control features hand brake. For safety and ease of handling, the ARGO steering transmission provides continuous torque to all axles.
Controls Right-hand twist grip throttle. Light switch and ignition switch.
Clutch Belt-driven, Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) maximizes engine power to the transmission.
Transmission Planetary differential transmission with High and Low range; Forward, Neutral, Reverse.
Drive System Roller chains drive machined sprockets that are spline-fit onto 1 1/4″ diameter axles and are protected with triple-sealed greasable bearings.
Frame Formed steel channel construction, welded for high strength and durability. Protected with Bonderite® M-PP 930™ epoxy-acrylic autodeposition coating.
Body Vacuum formed High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Full Skid Plate Standard
Load Capacity – On Land 900 lb. / 410 kg total
Load Capacity – Rear Compartment N/A
Load Capacity – On Water  800 lb. / 360 kg total
Towing Capacity 1400 lb. / 635 kg
Seating Capacity 4 persons on land, 4 persons on water
Fuel Capacity 7.1 US Gallons (27 litres) See through polyethylene fuel tank. 8 hours of operation.
Speed (on land) 22 mph / 35 km per hour
Speed (on water) 3 mph / 5 km per hour
Shipping Weight 1200 lb. / 544 kg
Axle Bearing Extensions Front Standard – Rear Standard
Instrumentation LCD Digital Gauge Cluster, Speedometer, Odometer, Voltmeter, Hour Meter, Tachometer, Low Oil Pressure and Parking Brake Reminder Lights, Check Engine Light
Tires ARGO AT189 24 x 10.00-8NHS
Ground Pressure 1.7 psi (13.5 kPa) using tires, 0.67 psi (4.6 kPa) using tracks
Ground Clearance Tires 9.5 inches – 240 mm
Ground Clearance Tracks 10.5 inches – 265 mm
Operating Conditions All weather,all-terrain,-40°C to +40°C

8×8 Scout Downloads

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