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This 8-wheel-drive off-road vehicle is powered by a 952 cc (58 cu. In.) liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder Briggs and Stratton Daihatsu Turbo-Charged diesel engine. The engine provides 34 hp (25.3 kW) and 58 lb. ft. of torque to the Centaurmatic dual-differential two-speed transmission. It has a load capacity of up to 2,000 lb. / 907 kg, transports up to 2 people, and tow trailers with a capacity of 2,200 lb. / 998 kg.

Centaur Overview

The 8×8 Centaur is the ultimate all-terrain machine for those who require a durable, robust and dependable job site workhorse. Designed for comfort and safety, users can hit the ground running with little need to accessorize. The vehicle features a multitude of standard equipment, including ISO 5700 certified Roll Over Protection Structure, 3-point driver and passenger seat belts, integrated frame mounting locations and familiar steering and foot controls. With its 3” tubular steel frame and sealed axles, large payloads can be safely and reliably transported to most job sites. When the task takes you off the beaten path, 18” rubber or 22” snow tracks makes this an unstoppable partner on any job.

Centaur Colors


Centaur Features

• Innovative dual-differential, hydrostatic steered Centaurmatic transmission
• Smooth yet responsive steering providing constant power to the wheels
• Turbo charged diesel engine provides superior high elevation performance
• Reliable cold weather starting with glow plug preheat
• Large rear cargo capacity
• Modular accessory designs for quick and easy change-over
• Mid-engine design with quick detach body panels
• Long wheel base for increased ride comfort over rough terrain
• Wide, 65”, wheel base for superior stability
• Oil-bath drive axles supported by taper roller bearings
• Full skid plate for lower body protection
• ISO 5700 certified Roll over protection structure
• 8-wheel traction with low center of gravity for extra stability
• 25″ (63.5 cm) ARGO HEAT with proprietary tread designed to tackle harsh terrain
• Digital Gauge Cluster (speedometer, tachometer, odometer, voltmeter, hour meter, engine coolant temperature, warning lights; low oil pressure, parking brake on and glow plug on)
• Driver yoke with finger throttle
• 3-point driver and passenger seat belts
• Automatic chain lubrication
• Floor mounted service brake, dash mounted parking brake.
• Low emissions
• 3-year limited engine warranty

Centaur Specs

Engine Make DM 954 DT (Turbo Diesel) Briggs & Stratton Daihatsu. 2 year engine warranty.
Type Turbo diesel, in line 3 cylinder, 4 cycle, liquid cooled
Horsepower 34 hp (25.3 kW) @ governed 3800 rpm
Displacement 958 cc (58.46 cu. in.)
Torque 58 lb. ft (78.6 Nm) @ 2400 rpm
Electrical 12 volt, 60 amp alternator, 960 CCA battery, dash mounted glow-plug-on and water in-fuel indicators
Brakes Hydraulic disc brake with hand operated mechanical parking brake
Steering Skid steered via SAUER DANFOSS 15 Series Transmission
Driver Controls LCD Digital Gauge Cluster features Speedometer, Odometer, Voltometer, Hourmeter, Tachometer, Engine Coolant, Temperature, plus Low Oil Pressure, Parking Brake Reminder and Check Engine Lights, Water in fuel indicator and preheat timer. Steering wheel, dash mounted HI, LOW and REV gear selector with floor mounted accelerator and brake pedals.
Clutch & Transmission Continuously variable belt driven torque converter (CVT). Dual differential transmission, HI, LOW, NEUTRAL and REV
Final Drive System RC80 roller chains from transmission to eight 1.5″ (38 mm) diameter axles. Automatically adjusted tensioner for each drive chain. Tapered roller bearings in an oil bath support each axle. Standard semi-automatic or optional automatic chain lubrication system.
Frame Powder coated, 3″ (76 mm) tubular steel, lower body support pan, welded construction – FEA analyzed for strength and durability
Body Vacuum formed lower body and standard full skid plate formed from high molecular weight Polyethylene (HMWPE)
Load Capacity  2,000 lb. / 907 kg
Seating Capacity Front bench seat for one or two persons
Towing capacity 2,200 lbs / 998 kg
Fuel Capacity 12.6 U.S. gal./48 litres providing approx. 10 hours of operation
Speed  25 mph / 40 km per hour
Shipping Weight 2,400 lb. / 1,090 kg base model
Vehicle Weight 2,720 lb. / 1,234 kg with Multi-Purpose Tracks – 2,920 lb. / 1,324 kg with Snow Tracks
Tires HEAT AT190 25×12.00-9 NHS or high impact resistant 24″ (610 mm) turf tires with reinforced rims (for track use only)
Ground Pressure As low as 5 psi (34 kPa) with tires, 2.2 psi (15 kPa) with 15″ (381 mm) tracks, 1.27 psi (8 kPa) with 18″ (457 mm) tracks, 1.0 psi (6.8 kPa) with 22″ (559 mm) snow tracks
Ground Pressure Multi Purpose Tracks Zero Penetration 1.5 PSI/10 kPa Laden: 2.2 PSI/15 kPa 3″ of Penetration 1.0 PSI/6.8 kPa Laden: 1.4 PSI/9.5 kPa
Ground Clearance  9″/229 mm at centre of vehicle
Operating Conditions All weather, all terrain, -40F to +104F (-40C to +40C)

Centaur Downloads

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