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Can You Plow Snow With an Argo?

As any Argo owner will tell you, Argos are very capable vehicles. They can go just about anywhere.

But many prospective Argo owners want to look at all the possible benefits of owning an Argo. One frequent question from buyers is, “Can an Argo be used to plow snow?”

The short answer is definitely “Yes!”

Yes, an Argo XTV generally handles very well in snowy conditions. And yes, snow plow attachments are available for many Argo models.

snowy road with evergreens
Keeping roads like this open in winter is a challenge, but Argo XTVs love challenges.

Argo Performance in the Snow

Several unique features allow an Argo to maneuver confidentially through snow and ice. Argos have good traction, thanks to their big low-pressure tires. When equipped with tracks, an Argo can move through even deep, soft snow drifts without sinking in and getting stuck. With ice cleats installed on the tracks, you get the best possible traction on icy surfaces.

The smooth skid plate that Argos have underneath is another major advantage in snow. Just like a snowmobile underbody, the skid plate keeps snow from getting packed into the engine compartment and drive system. Many other ATVs struggle in snow because the snow that gets stuck underneath hinders performance.

Argos are agile, powerful vehicles. They are capable of low-speed, high-torque snow-plowing work in tight parking lots. They also have high-range gearing for plowing longer stretches at higher speeds.

Plowing snow is a cold job, but an Argo can be outfitted with a cab for protection from the wind and cold. With the optional automotive-style heater accessory installed, you can have warm air blowing inside the cab!

Obviously, the most important feature required for snow plowing is the plow itself. You can install an Argo snow plow on most Argo models. To raise and lower the plow you use the control for the front-mounted winch.

An Argo plow isn’t a loader bucket, so you can’t scoop and dump snow onto piles like you can with a loader. But although an Argo can’t push as big of snow drifts as a heavy snow plow truck, there are some plowing situations where an Argo is especially useful.

Situations Where an Argo Snowplow Is Especially Useful

With good traction and a low center of gravity, an Argo makes an ideal snowplow on steeper driveways. You have even more traction when tracks and ice cleats are installed.

An Argo is also the perfect snowplow if you need to clear snow from a worksite in a remote area. There’s a good chance your Argo can get there even if other snow-plowing vehicles can’t.

If you already own an Argo, it makes a lot of sense to do snow plowing with it too. Many recreational areas that use Argos for year-round transportation depend on their Argos to keep roads open in winter.

Plowing snow with an Argo XTV

Plowing with an Argo is similar to plowing with any other vehicle.

To raise and lower the plow, use the Argo’s winch control. If there is more snow accumulation than you can push in one pass, keep the plow raised partway on the first pass, and then drop it all the way for the second pass. Check out our post on Argo snow plowing for more helpful hints.

Always put safety first when plowing snow.

Be careful to avoid hitting curbs, rocks, or other obstacles that might be buried in the snow. The Argo plow has a spring-tensioned trip mechanism, but you could still damage your Argo or hurt yourself if you hit something hard.

Your Argo may be amphibious, but never enter the water with a snow plow attached. With the extra weight of the plow, the Argo would be imbalanced and impossible to steer in the water, and would likely capsize.

If plowing snow at dusk or after dark, be sure to use your headlights so other vehicles can see you.

Keep snow and slush from accumulating inside the Argo. If the melting snow refreezes, it could cause damage and be difficult to remove. Same goes for the tires or tracks. Clean as much of the snow as possible off of them before parking to avoid icing issues.

Although it might not be the perfect snow plowing vehicle in every situation, a properly outfitted Argo makes a very capable snowplow.

If you’re shopping for an Argo, or need help getting a blade for your Argo, the guys at Shank’s Argo can help. We’ve got Argos, Argo accessories, blade attachments, and winches. We also have the Argo know-how and experience to make your Argo snow adventures a success!

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