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2022 Conquest Pro: When Your Work Vehicle Needs to Go Everywhere

Argo’s XTVs are great if you want to have fun outdoors, but they’re also depended on to transport mine workers, line workers and everyone else who works in remote areas. What makes these vehicles the best choice for work far off the beaten path?


The Conquest comes with a choice of two engines. 800 Series models use a 30 HP Kohler Aegis EFI V-Twin. This engine is liquid-cooled, which makes it compatible with Argo’s heater kit. The 950 Series has a fan-cooled Vanguard EFI V-Twin rated at 40 HP.
Models with a ROPS are not amphibious, while other models have a 2 MPH top speed on water. Even if your Argo can’t float, it can still ford water up to the edge of the hull. Add in the low ground pressure from the vehicle’s 8 giant tires, and you get a vehicle that can cross the softest ground with ease.

Standard Features

All models come with a brushguard and a Warn winch rated to pull 4,500 lbs. The Conquest Pro has a 2,000 lb. towing capacity, and comes with a 2 inch rear hitch receiver.
A heavy-duty drive belt and an automatic chain lubrication system extend maintenance intervals.

New Features

2022 models have a redesigned engine bay. Added heat reflective materials and venting lower underhood and cabin temperatures. There’s also a new steel 8.5 gallon tank with a digital fuel gauge.
This year, the Admiral transmission used in the Conquest series comes with Argo’s new Instant Torque Clutch and Instant Torque Drive System. Faster clutch engagement and a wider gear range delivers better acceleration and higher top speeds. Transmissions used in the Conquest are geared lower than other Argos for increased torque. 800 Series models have a top speed of 12 MPH, while 950 Series models have a top speed of 17 MPH.
The transmission still has a high and low final drive gear. Shift into high, and the steering uses a 3:1 ratio, gently engaging the steering brakes for a driving experience similar to a UTV. Shift into low gear, and the steering switches to a 1:1 ratio for tight turns, like a skid steer loader.
Airlock steel beadlock rims are standard across all models this year. These wheels clamp onto the tire beads, allowing lower operating pressures. This improves grip on uneven terrain, and allows for more sidewall flex, improving ride comfort.


The Conquest Pro 800 and 950 are available in three versions:
The XT has an empty bed ready for cargo and accessories.
The XT-L adds a ROPS with a hard roof. A metal mesh screen separates the passenger and cargo areas.
The XT-X comes with the XT-L’s equipment, plus a power dump box that can hold up to 1,000 lbs.

Get the Support You Need for Your Commercial Vehicle

When your job depends on your XTV, you need Shank’s Argo. We’re one of the largest dealers in this part of the country, and we’ve helped professionals with their equipment since 1985. Visit our website,, to see our current inventory and schedule a demo. If you need your Argo worked on, or you want to see vehicles in person, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. Need parts and accessories? We ship across the United States and Canada.

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