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2022 Xplorer XR 500: Improving on a Winning Formula

The Xplorer line of ATVs has been a huge hit for Argo since their launch in 2018. Now, we’re seeing some of the first new models to come out since that launch. The old XR550 is being replaced by two all new models, the XR 500 and the XR 700. The XR 500 doesn’t offer two person seating, but it does offer a better suspension, more cargo capacity and a more efficient engine than its predecessor. Like Argo’s other ATVs, the XR 500 offers equipment that you have to pay extra for on most competitors.

Engine and Drivetrain

The XR 500 is powered by a 443cc SOHC single cylinder engine with EFI and liquid cooling. Despite the smaller displacement, this engine offers similar power to the outgoing XR 550. This engine sends power to a CVT with high and low drive modes, as well as a reverse gear. It also has a new engine braking mode that keeps the engine connected to the transmission off throttle. This helps control vehicle speed on descents without having to rely entirely on the brakes. Two and four wheel drive modes can be selected electronically using a switch on the handlebars. This ATV also has an electronic locking front axle.
The digital gauge cluster shows everything you need to know about the state of the vehicle, including the gear, RPM, speed, fuel level, temperature and drive mode. It also has indicators for check engine, low battery, high beam and low battery.


Like other current production Argo ATVs, this model has double A arm suspension supporting each wheel. The coilovers are adjustable, letting you match preload to the weight on the vehicle. Both the front and rear suspension have 7 inches of travel. The XR 500 has 10.5 inches of ground clearance.

Cargo and Towing

The XR500 has seating for one person, plus a front rack that holds 120 lbs. and a rear rack that holds 240 lbs. Using the rear-mounted two inch receiver, you can tow up to 1,050 lbs, just like the larger XR 700.


The XR 500 is available in two versions:
The standard XR 500 comes with steel wheels and red or dark green plastic body panels.
The XR 500 SE comes with aluminum rims and a winch rated to pull 3,000 lbs. Its body panels are painted orange or gray.
A brushguard and 24 inch Kenda off-road tires come standard on both models.

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