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2022 Xplorer XR 700

Since they were first introduced in 2018, Argo’s new line of ATVs has been a resounding success. Now, Argo’s introducing a new model to the range, the XR 700. Slotting in between the 500 and 1000 models, this all new design packs in equipment that is optional on competitors, while still keeping a low price tag.


The XR 700 comes with a 695cc SOHC single cylinder with EFI, a four valve head and liquid cooling. While this engine is built for fuel economy, it has the torque and wide powerband required to deliver predictable performance on technical trails.
This engine sends power to a CVT with low and high drive modes and a reverse gear. The XR 700 gets a new engine braking system that keeps the engine connected off throttle, helping control the vehicle on descents. It’s also the first Xplorer to have a transmission with a park function, so you don’t have to solely rely on the parking brake. This Xplorer model has electronically selected two and four wheel drive modes, as well as an electrically actuated locking front differential.

Towing and Payload

This ATV comes with two racks. The front rack can carry up to 120 lbs, while the rear rack can carry up to 240 lbs. The 700 also has a lockable front fender storage box and center console storage with a built-in USB charging port.
Unlike some Argo ATV models, this 4×4 only seats one person. The 700 can tow up to 1,050 lbs. using the rear-mounted two inch hitch receiver.


This ATV has 10.8 inches of ground clearance, which is more than most of its competitors. It uses double A-arm suspension on all four corners, like Argo’s other models. This suspension setup has 7 inches of travel up front, and 7.4 inches in the rear. The dampers are adjustable, letting you match suspension preload to the weight your vehicle is carrying. If you get stuck, you can pull yourself out using the standard front-mounted winch, which is rated to pull 3,000 lbs.


Argo offers the XR 700 in two versions.

The LE comes with 12 inch steel wheels and 25 inch Maxxis tires. It’s available with red or green plastic body panels.
The EPS comes with Electronic Power Steering. It’s speed sensitive, increasing assist at low speeds. This system also lets the rider choose the amount of assistance they want, from none at all to maximum assist.
The EPS rides on 14 inch Aluminum wheels wrapped in 26 inch Maxxis Bighorn tires. It also comes with standard hand guards. The body panels on the model are painted orange or gray.

Want a Better ATV?

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