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Argo Amphibious Trailers

How can you bring more cargo and equipment with you when using your XTV without having to get another vehicle? Argo makes amphibious trailers that have the same low ground pressure and water capabilities as their amphibious ATVs, so they don’t hinder your Argo’s off-road capabilities. Depending on your tow vehicle, you can add anywhere from 600 to 1,300 lbs. of payload capacity, or create a rig built for transporting heavy equipment. Which model is right for you, and what do you need to know to get the most out of it?

Which Trailer is Right for Me?

Both trailers are heavy, so their weight needs to be taken into consideration when choosing one to tow behind your XTV. Argo offers both trailer models with a choice of two tire sizes: 24-inch tires weigh less, leaving more towing capacity for payload, while 26-inch tires offer more buoyancy, increasing on-water stability. When choosing a trailer, take your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity into consideration: only Conquest models can take full advantage of the 8 wheel trailer’s payload capacity when fitted with 26-inch tires, while 6 wheel models can only tow a fully-loaded 6 wheel trailer if it’s fitted with 24-inch tires.

The 6 wheel trailer weighs 400 lbs. with 24-inch tires and 456 lbs. with 25-inch tires. It can carry up to 600 lbs. The cargo area is 29.5 inches wide and 75 inches long.

The 8 wheel trailer weighs 590 lbs. with 24-inch tires and 740 lbs. with 25-inch tires. It can carry up to 1,300 lbs. The cargo area is 27.5 inches wide and 98 inches long.

If you get an 8 wheel trailer, you can outfit it with accessories. A skid plate can be bolted to the hull to protect it from rocks, tree roots, and other obstacles. The universal mount kit adds a pair of rails to the frame. These rails have holes for bolting down up to 750 lbs. of heavy equipment including welders, spray tanks and generators.

Both trailers are compatible with the two-inch hitch receiver included with almost all XTVs. If you have a Vanguard 6×6 and Vanguard II 6×6, you’ll need to install a rear hitch. To connect the trailer, a swivel hitch adapter needs to be fitted to the receiver.

Using an Amphibious Trailer

The tires on the trailer should be kept at 4 psi under all operating conditions. Argo recommends having the drain plugs installed at all times, removing them only to drain the hull after towing the trailer through water. The axles use the same seal and bearing design as the axles in an XTV, so they need to be checked for leaks and greased periodically.

Like your XTV, the fenders don’t have structural support. When loading, don’t rest items on these fenders, and make sure all cargo is resting on the inner frame. Tie down straps can be attached to the loops on the ends of the fender supports.

When operating on land, load your amphibious trailer like you would any other trailer. The load should be biased toward the front of the trailer to put more weight on the tongue. This will keep the trailer tracking straight when driving at high speeds. The lower the weight is in the trailer, the more stable it will be. When crossing water, the load needs to be balanced toward the center of the trailer so that the hull floats level in the water.

Extra care needs to be taken when operating on hills. Braking at high speeds can cause the trailer to run past the vehicle, jackknifing and causing your Argo to spin or tip over.

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