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Argo Conquest 8×8 Explorer Xti

There are plenty of UTVs on the market with dump beds, but none of them can match the Argo Conquest Explorer XTi. This XTV’s unique suspension system lets it cross terrain that will stop most vehicles in their tracks, and it comes with all the equipment you need to haul the tools and materials you need out in the field.

The XTV Difference

The Explorer XTi isn’t amphibious, but it still has Argo’s unique axle design that uses gigantic tires in place of a long travel suspension to absorb bumps. This design allows everything to be mounted low in the chassis, keeping the vehicle stable at extreme inclines. With the vehicle weight spread across eight wheels, ground pressure is extremely low, letting the XTi roll over mud, sand and snow that would halt the progress of a UTV. Even with this low slung design, there’s still 9 inches (230 mm) of ground clearance. Argo also offers tracks that fit over the tires, adding an addition inch (15 mm) of clearance while providing better traction on a variety of surfaces including pavement, mud, snow and ice.

Worried about bumps and scrapes? The axles are encased in a hull which is surrounded by a skid plate that runs the length of the vehicle, protecting the underside and reducing the number of spaces that can get hung up on obstacles. The XTi also includes a brush guard to protect from front end impacts.

Performance for All Conditions

Argo builds their vehicles to work in heat and extreme cold, so they fitted this model with a Kohler Aegis ELH775. This engine is liquid cooled and has fuel injection for easy starts and steady operating temperatures in a range of conditions. It produces 30 hp and comes equipped with a 60 amp alternator to power accessories.

The wheels are fixed, so steering is handled by braking the inside wheels. The Admiral transmission in this model uses variable braking to steer. This setup is controlled through a set of handlebars, making it feel like you’re steering an ATV. The standard gear set used in this model has a low final drive gear for heavy loads and steep inclines, while it can reach a top speed of 17 mph (27 km/h) in high gear. A CVT keeps the engine running at peak power when accelerating for brisk performance. Argo includes a heavy duty drive belt automatic chain lubrication with this model for decreased maintenance.

Equipped for Work

The Explorer XTi can carry up to 1,055 (479 kg) including two people. The power dump box is designed to handle up to 1,000 lbs. (450 kg,) so there’s no chance of damaging it if you’re within the maximum load of this vehicle. For pulling objects like logs and vehicles out of tight spaces, there’s a 4,500 lb. Warn winch. The Explorer has both front and rear receivers that use a quick release system, letting you attach the winch to either end as needed.

While rollovers are far less likely in an XTV than a UTV, this model includes a two person ROPS for added protection. A metal mesh covers this bar to protect from debris from flying into the cab from the dump box. This is paired with a clear view roof and windshield with a built-in wiper provide weather protection while providing maximum visibility. The grips on the handlebar are heated, while drinks can be stored in a pair of cup holders and two 12 volt outlets can be used for powering extra equipment.

Argo makes the Explorer XTi in Construction Yellow if you want high visibility and green if you want to blend into the environment.

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