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Argo Conquest 8×8 i: Your Go Anywhere Workshop

Argo Conquest 8x8 i

When you need to bring the workshop to the wilderness, you need a Conquest 8×8 i. It goes well beyond the abilities of traditional UTVs by letting you travel over water and difficult terrain while providing the flexibility to give you the storage and workspace you need for the job at hand.

Going Beyond the Utility of UTVs

Calling their vehicles “eXtreme Terrain Vehicles” may sound like marketing fluff, but there really isn’t anything on the market that can match the abilities of an Argo.

A standard UTV is essentially a wide ATV with a small bed. It can travel over rough terrain if it isn’t too steep or soft, and it can ford rivers and streams as long as they’re shallow. Argo’s XTVs are part boat and part tank, pairing a sealed hull with a series of solid-mounted axles and giant tires. The tires absorb bumps without requiring a long travel suspension, and they spread out the load so that the ground pressure is less than a human footprint. This lets the vehicle travel over mud and sand that would quickly bog down a UTV. The construction of the XTV also puts all the mechanical parts low in the frame, keeping it stable at steep angles. While Argo does offer a ROPS as an option to meet insurance and safety requirements, roll overs are highly unlikely.

Need to cross some water? The hull is water tight, while a bilge pump removes any water that is splashed into the vehicle. The tires have treads that act as paddles, letting you drive the vehicle directly into water and back out again, no matter how deep it is. Rivers, lakes and even short ocean crossings between island chains are no problem.

Since the axles are fixed, steering is accomplished by varying wheel speed instead of changing the angle of the front wheels with a steering rack. The Conquest 8×8 i uses Argo’s Admiral transmission which can vary braking force to make it handle like a standard UTV. While it may steer like a tank, this braking system is controlled via a set of handlebars, making it easy to learn.

More Than Just a Bed

The cargo area is deep to keep items secure, and there are plenty of equipment options available to fit your needs. A locking tool box can be added, as well the Universal Mounting System to provide a workspace for on-site repairs and construction. A dump bed can be added for carrying dirt, and a snowplow can be attached to the front end to clear paths in the winter. This model comes with a 60 amp alternator to provides power for accessories and additional lighting.

As equipped, the 8×8 i can carry two people over land and water, while an optional bench seat provides space for two more passengers on land. Total load capacity including cargo, passengers and accessories is 1,450 lbs. (658 kg) on land and 950 lbs. (431 kg) on water. It can also tow up to 2,000 lbs. (907 kg.) Need more cargo room? Argo makes amphibious trailers that can go anywhere the XTV goes. Want to pull objects and other vehicles out of jams? The front is designed to work with a Warn winch.

Performance in All Conditions

This XTV is powered by a Kohler Aegis ELH775 engine that produces 30 hp. This engine is liquid cooled and uses electronic fuel injection and full pressure lubrication. That means it works great in a wide range of temperatures, starting easily in the winter cold and maintaining performance through summer’s hottest days.

The Admiral transmission uses Argo’s standard gear set, letting it reach a top speed of 17 mph (27 km) on land in high gear along with a low gear for heavy loads and steep inclines. It combines these final drive gears with a CVT equipped with a heavy-duty drive belt to get the best performance and fuel efficiency from the engine. Water speed is limited to 3 mph (5 km/h) due to the paddling action of the tires. If you need to travel faster, Argo offers a mounting kit for a sub-10 hp outboard motor.


The body is available in dark green Tundra to blend in with your surroundings and Yellow for high visibility.

If you need to work in remote places, it’s hard to beat the Conquest 8×8 i. Not only does it come with the superior off-road and water abilities of an Argo XTV, its cargo area is flexible enough to use for everything from moving dirt to serving as a mobile work bench.

Try one out

If you’re interested in learning more, stop by our shop or schedule a test drive or even browse our current inventory online. Shank’s is excited to offer the Conquest 8X8 i and the entire line of XTVs with a full-service location in South Central Pennsylvania. Make us your first stop for purchasing an Argo, and take care of warranty work, accessories, parts, and more. You can find us on US RT 11 in Marion, Pennsylvania, about a mile from Exit 10 off I-81.


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