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Argo Conquest 8×8 Lineman XTi

Where there are people, there are electrical lines, no matter how remote the location is. When the power goes out, linemen need to be in the field no matter the conditions. This puts line workers in the most challenging locations on the planet. The Lineman XTi is built to be there all the way, bringing all the equipment they need into these situations along with safety equipment in case something goes wrong.

The XTV Difference

The design of an Xtreme Utility Vehicle let it go places that would stop trucks and UTVs. These unique features don’t just provide reliable transport, they allow the Lineman XTi to reach areas that would otherwise have to be covered on foot, making it a favorite of utility companies operating in remote areas.

Eight giant tires spread out the vehicle’s weight, letting it drive over mud and sand that would bog down other vehicles. Those tires also act as the suspension, eliminating the need for long travel shocks and springs. This keeps the center of gravity low, making the Lineman stable enough to climb 25-degree inclines while being far less likely to roll over than standard UTVs.

The Lineman XTi is powered by a Kohler Aegis ELH775. With 30 hp on tap and Argo’s standard gearing set, it has no problem reaching a top speed of 17 mph (27 km/h.) The motor also drives a 60 amp alternator to power onboard accessories. Liquid cooling and fuel injection keep the engine operating in extreme heat and cold, while the onboard fuel tank can keep it running for up to 8 hours.

Power is sent to the wheels via an Admiral transmission. Since there’s no steering rack, vehicle direction is changed by varying the wheel speeds between the left and right sides of the vehicle. The Admiral’s variable braking system lets the vehicle make smooth turns, and it uses a set of handlebars for control, making it easy to learn for anyone who has ridden an ATV.

Equipped for the Needs of Your Crew

The Lineman XTi starts as a basic Conquest body with seating for two and a large rear cargo area. For operator and passenger comfort and safety, Argo adds a mesh-covered ROPS with a windshield, wiper and a clear view roof. LED headlights are included for driving in low light conditions, while a roof-mounted strobe light increases visibility. Argo offers this model in green and Construction Yellow.

Once you’re on site, the rear of the vehicle can be used as a workstation. Equipment can be stored in a 38 gallon (144 liter) dry storage tote that has built-in wheels for transport around the work area that mounts in a frame over the main cargo area; total payload for this vehicle is 1,000 lbs. (454 kg) including passengers. A Wilton vise mounts to the rear hitch and frame, providing an ergonomic workspace for handling poles. Remove the vice and the hitch can be used to tow up to 2,000 lbs. (907 kg) to bring in extra materials and equipment. Argo even makes amphibious trailers with all the off-road capability of their XTVs.

When you’re ready for installation, the engine-powered capstan winch can provide 1,700 lbs. (771 kg) of pulling force and has 550 lbs. (250 kg) of lifting capacity to move poles and get transformers into position for mounting.

Accidents happen, but with the Lineman, you don’t have to wait for evac to get injured personnel out of the wilderness. This XTV comes with the same Ferno stretcher Argo includes with their line of emergency response vehicles with mount points built into the tote frame. A carry bag is also included to get the worker up to the vehicle safely.

Make Line Maintenance Easier with the Argo Conquest Lineman XTi

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