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Argo Conquest 8×8 Outfitter XTi-Z: The Perfect Tool for Winter Hunting

Conquest-8x8-Outfitter-XTi-Z-1-445x340Deer, waterfowl and small game hunting are at their peak when winter conditions are at their worst. That’s why Argo makes the Conquest Outfitter XTi-Z. It’s designed to help you chase down your prey over any terrain, whether it’s covered in snow, mud, or water while keeping you warm and dry.

Built for Cold Weather Performance

This XTV is powered by a 30 hp Kohler V-Twin equipped with fuel injection for easy starts in cold environments. Both the motor and the transmission are designed for operating temperatures as low as -40 Fahrenheit (-40 Celsius,) yet they’ll still work fine in the hottest summer temperatures, making this a year-round machine.

The engine’s liquid cooling system is routed through an automotive-style heater which warms up the seating area. Heated grips on the handlebars keep the driver’s hands warm, while a second set of stationary grips do the same for the front passenger. While the cabin is open, Argo offers convertible tops sized for either the front passengers or the entire cab to provide increased weather protection.

The Conquest is buoyant thanks to a sealed hull, while eight giant tires paddle the vehicle through the water and spread out its weight for low ground pressure. That means you’re far less likely to get bogged down in mud and snow that would halt the progress of the most capable UTVs, while you can cross streams and lakes without having to switch to a boat. For increased traction and better flotation, Argo offers plastic and rubber tracks that fit over the tires. Cleats can be added to any of these tracks for a better grip on ice and snow. A pair of side-mounted catwalks can be added if you need to access the rear cargo area without getting into the water or sinking into mud.

Take Your Gear Anywhere

The large rear cargo area has folding seats, providing room for four additional passengers. Between the cargo area and the front seats, there’s a built-in Sure Grip rack that can hold up to four rifles, or be configured for racking bows. There’s also a rack that extends over the front end, adding additional space to tie down game and equipment.

The XTi-Z can carry up to 1,190 lbs. (540 kg) with up to 6 passengers on land, and 690 (313 kg) with up to two passengers over water. It can also tow up to a ton (907 kg,) letting you increase cargo capacity by attaching one of Argo’s amphibious trailers.

Thoughtful Design for Your Expedition

LED head and tail lights make it safe to drive at night, while a set of front-mounted flood lamps can provide the lighting you need to set up camp. During the day, you can use your XTV as a mobile stand thanks to an exterior painted in Mossy Oak Breakout Infinity camouflage and high seats that help take the discomfort out of long hours of waiting for your prey.

Driving the Outfitter is easy: a low center of gravity keeps the vehicle stable at inclines up to 25 degrees, while the Admiral transmission’s variable braking system lets the vehicle steer like it’s a regular ATV. If you do get stuck, there’s a brush guard to protect the front end and a Warn winch rated at 3,500 lbs. to pull you out. A low gear can help with steep inclines, while high gear can get the UTV up to a speed of 17 mph (27 km/h) on land so you can keep up with your game. Reach the water, and the pace will slow to 3 mph (5 km/h) due to the paddling action of the tires. If you need faster water travel for fishing or duck hunting, you can add a small outboard motor. This still preserves the tires’ water treading abilities, letting you use them like a trolling motor.

Improve Your Next Winter Hunting Trip with the Argo Conquest Outfitter XTi-Z

Looking to pick up one of these XTVs for fun or to support your guide business? Visit to schedule a demo. We’re not just one of the top Argo dealers in the East, we’re based out of a shop that has helped customers with XTVs, UTVs, and other outdoor equipment for over three decades.

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