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Argo Conquest 8×8 XTi

When you’re in remote areas, short journeys can quickly turn into long ones if you’re limited by your vehicle. That’s why Argo makes the Conquest 8×8 XTi. It has the water and terrain-crossing abilities of their other XTVs, adding space for cargo so you can get your equipment where you need it.

A Boat, a UTV and a Mud Bogger, All in One

What is an Xtreme Utility Vehicle? Argo’s vehicles use a unique design that puts them in their own category by letting them go places no other single vehicle can.

This design starts with a hull. Everything except the wheels and the ends of the axles are onboard, so it floats when it’s in water. This uninterrupted exterior also lets the company fit a full-length skid plate, so you don’t have to worry as much about getting hung up on rocks and branches.

Conquest XTVs ride on eight giant tires designed and built by Argo. This creates a massive footprint that spreads out the load, letting the XTV float over mud and ice where other vehicles would get stuck. These vehicles can also be driven into and out of water without needing a dock or a ramp. Once in the water, the vehicle is propelled by the tires’ paddle-shaped treads.

Since the tires act as the suspension, there’s no need for long travel shocks. This allows everything to be mounted at the bottom of the frame, keeping the center of gravity low. The result is a vehicle that is 5 times less likely to roll over than a comparable UTV.

Power and Control

The 8×8 XTi is powered by a Kohler Aegis ELH775 V-twin engine. Fuel injection, full pressure lubrication, and liquid cooling make this engine reliable and let it function reliably in any environment from desert to tundra. It produces 30 hp, while a 60 amp alternator ensures plenty of power for electric accessories.

The motor drives Argo’s Admiral transmission. It uses a CVT to keep the engine running at peak power output when accelerating, while the standard gear set can propel this vehicle to a top speed of 17 mph (27 km/h) on land. On water, it can reach 3 mph (5 km/h.) The transmission can be shifted into low range for high demand climbs and cargo loads.

The output from this transmission is separated into two chain drives, with each drive turning the wheels on one side of the vehicle. Instead of using a steering rack, the Admiral has brakes on the drive shafts to apply variable braking force to the inner wheels to make turns. These steering brakes are controlled using a set of handlebars, making it feel like an ATV. An auto chain lubrication system and a heavy-duty drive belt are included with the XTi to reduce maintenance.

Cargo and Payload

As equipped, the XTi can carry up to 1,360 lbs. (617 kg) on land and 860 lbs. (390 kg) on water including a driver and a passenger. The front-mounted 4,500 lb. (2,041 kg) Warn Winch can be used for everything from dragging logs to rescuing other vehicles.

The rear cargo area is deep enough to keep equipment dry, but it can also be configured for a variety of uses to best fit your needs. The Universal Mounting System adds a rack mount system for permanently mounting tools, letting you turn the back of your Argo into a rolling workspace. Messy loads are no problem with a removable cargo liner. Dirt and soil can be delivered with a dump bed that fits over the cargo area, as can large equipment, which can be strapped down to a flat bed that mounts over the rear of the vehicle. Need even more space? Argo makes two sizes of amphibious trailers as well as a front cargo rack. Need to bring more people? There’s an easy-to-remove bench seat to allow the 8×8 XTi to carry two additional passengers.


The hull is available in dark green tundra to blend in with the environment, or a bright yellow to help it stand out.


Customization of your Conquest can go well beyond cargo. The seating area can be enclosed with a ROPS, roof, and windshield with built-in wiper.

Working in a cold climate? A heater and heated hand grips can be added, and a snow blade can be used for clearing paths for other vehicles.

Working in remote areas? There are mounts for extra fuel and a spare tire, and you can even deliver your vehicle using attachment points for helicopter transport.

Want to travel faster over water? An outboard motor can be attached using a mounting kit.

The Argo Conquest 8×8 XTi: Everything You Need to Move Anything You Need

When you need to get equipment to the most remote places, the Conquest 8×8 XTi is the perfect tool for the job. It has all the off-road and water capabilities of Argo’s XTVs with the space and flexibility for whatever you need to do.  Want to learn more?  Schedule a test drive at Shank’s Argo located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Hwy in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

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