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Argo Conquest 950 Outfitter

The capabilities of an Argo amphibious ATV have obvious applications for hunting. These vehicles let  you go places where other hunters can’t, so you can get closer to your game. This has made Argos a favorite of outfitters and tour operators, since it provides an experience their customers can’t get on their own. Of course, these same customers are always demanding more space and power, so they can do more on their excursions. The new 2021 Conquest 950 Outfitter addresses these requests by combining Argo’s largest, most powerful model with the camo and equipment professionals need from a hunting vehicle.
Lift the hood on this big XTV, and you’ll see a 40 HP Vanguard Big Block EFI V-Twin, the most powerful engine ever offered in an Argo. This engine comes with a 50 amp alternator to power added lighting and accessories.
The engine is bolted to Argo’s Admiral transmission. It uses variable braking that gradually steers the vehicle while maintaining a small turning radius. This transmission has the ST gearset, which gives the 950 a top speed of 17 MPH. A heavy-duty drive belt and automatic chain lubrication system come standard, greatly reducing drivetrain maintenance.
Once you enter the water, the V-shaped tire treads act like paddles, propelling the Outfitter to a top speed of 2 MPH. Steel airlock wheels come standard, letting you run extremely low tire pressures without worrying about rolling the tires off of the beads. The Outfitter has axle bearing extensions fitted at the factory, making it trivial to add a set of tracks. From the factory, this vehicle has 10 inches of ground clearance. Install a set of tracks, and this increases to 11 inches.
The 950 Outfitter carries up to 1,170 lbs. with up to 6 people on land, and 470 lbs. with up to two people on water. It also has a built-in hitch with a 2,000 lb. towing capacity. By pairing this vehicle with one of Argo’s amphibious trailers, you can use this XTV to haul large amounts of equipment to base camps and cabins.
The trailer hitch has a pair of built-in steps, making it easy for passengers to get in and out of the back. The rear of the Conquest has a pair of inward-facing jump seats that can be folded up to increase cargo space. Mud flaps come standard, so passengers will stay clean when driving over mud and through water.
Along with the engine and transmission upgrades, this vehicle comes with equipment geared toward making your next hunting trip easier. Up front, you’ll find a brush guard surrounding a Warn winch rated to pull up to 4,500 lbs. There’s also a redesigned front rack that can hold up to 50 lbs. The back of this new rack pivots, so you only need to remove two pins to access the hood.
The 950 Outfitter comes with Mossy Oak’s Break-Up Country camouflage. This popular camo pattern uses a variety of photorealistic elements to break up outlines and blend in with forested areas.
Briggs & Stratton guarantees their Vanguard engines for three years of commercial use. Argo covers the rest of the Outfitter for one year.
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