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Argo E Series vs. H Series Vehicles


If you are looking at purchasing an ARGO XTV in the near future, you may be wondering about the different types of vehicles they build and what the differences are between them. Fortunately, ARGO has recently reclassified all of their XTVs into three simple platform classifications: The E series, the H series and the XT series. Here’s a comparison of the E and H series models side by side.

The E Series

e-seriesThe E series ARGO is built upon the 34-100 and 34-100 O/D transmission options. It’s a lightweight and cost effective option with a variety of configurations. The 6×6 and 8×8 Frontier are both part of this group with their electronically fuel injected engines. In addition, the 8×8 Avenger is part of the E series as well. These models all feature improved fuel efficiency, reliable easy starting, and the latest in variable transmission technology. They also come with several convenient and comfortable features such as USB ports in the center console, an entry step for improved accessibility and optional tracks for better handling in snow and sand. These vehicles are low cost and lighter weight options in the XTV industry, perfect for hunting, exploration and family outings.

The H Series

h-seriesThe H series is ARGO’s answer to the commercial and industrial world. These high powered machines are designed to carry more weight than the E series, pull more cargo, and produce more power. This includes the 6×6 and 8×8 HDI 750s and the 8×8 HDI 700. The star of the show for the H series is the one of a kind Admiral transmission that features individual steering breaks for all wheels. The H series also includes the European Union Road Approved (EU) and Special Edition (SE) designations for some models, showcasing its ability to meet and exceed industry standards. These models are able to transport up to six passengers on land and four on water, while maintaining huge cargo spaces in the rear and full maneuverability. Even the smallest of the H series entries produces 23 horsepower that can pull up to 1400 pounds in the most rugged and challenging environments around the world.

Ultimately the E series and the H series share the same basic philosophy: high end utility and features combined with durable and powerful components. The biggest differences between the two are the types of use that each is designed to handle. For the average family who uses the XTV for exploration and recreation, the E series provides enough power to cross difficult lands and carry everyone’s fair share of baggage and equipment. However, for more industrial purposes and heavy duty commercial operations, the H series provides additional power and capability. The H line has more cargo capabilities, extra seating and a redesigned transmission for better control and safety when it comes to transporting expensive equipment and team members. Both the E and H series prioritize comfort and ease of use with digital instrument displays and comfortable bucket seats.

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