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Argo Responder: All Terrain Capability for Emergency Services

Emergency services around the world depend on the Argo Responder. Thanks to their amphibious abilities and small size, these amphibious ATVs can get closer to emergency situations than any other vehicle. Even floods and earthquakes can’t stop this XTV. What makes it so capable?


The Responder comes with a Vanguard 850 EFI Big Block that makes 33 HP. This is paired with an updated Admiral transmission that has Argo’s new Instant Torque Clutch and Instant Torque Drive System. This delivers the low end torque of the old HT transmission, the top speed of the ST drive system, and better acceleration at all speeds. APS steering uses skid steering like other Argo models for a tight turning circle. However, thanks to a spring return and wider turning range, it’s more precise and easier to learn. Beadlock rims are standard this year. This lets you run lower tire pressures, improving grip and ride quality.
The Responder is built on Argo’s Aurora chassis. This design increases passenger space by 20% compared to older models. This vehicle has seating for up to four people. However, if you use the included Ferno stretcher, two of these seats are covered. The SX and SX-R can both tow up to 1,800 lbs.

Equipment and Accessories

Argo partnered with Ferno to bring their medical equipment to the Responder lineup. You can swap out the standard stretcher with a basket for helicopter evacuation, or add a head immobilizer to your patient transport system.
Along with the standard Aurora 850 SX Responder, Argo now offers the SX-R. This new model has all the same equipment as the SX, plus a rollover protection system (ROPS.) The ROPS acts as a mounting point for an enclosure and a windshield, making this vehicle comfortable in cold weather.
The Responder comes with a brushguard and a Warn winch rated to pull up to 3,500 lbs. Everything that fits on the recreational Aurora also fits this model. That means you can add tracks designed for a variety of surfaces, including ice, snow, mud and sand. These tracks spread out the load, decreasing possible ground damage. This makes these vehicles safe to use in ecologically sensitive areas.

Get the Support You Need for Your Equipment

Shank’s Argo is one of the largest dealers in the East. That means we don’t just sell amphibious ATVs, we also have the parts and service staff you need to keep your vehicle ready for emergencies. If you’re looking to add an XTV to your fleet, or you need help with your Argo, visit us in person at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA, or online at You can see our inventory and schedule a demo from our website. We also ship parts and accessories to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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