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Argo vs Can-Am Outlander (ATV)

Does choosing an XTV over an ATV for its amphibious abilities mean making sacrifices when on the ground? To find out, let’s look at Can-Am BRP’s Outlander, one of the most comprehensive lines of ATVs on the market.

Can-Am BRP Outlander

With 22 models to choose from, these ATVs cover a wide range of niche uses. Can-Am offers engines ranging in size from 450 to 1,000 cc that are connected to a CVT with a low range mode. Like their Maverick UTV, the Outlander comes with a power steering system with three modes to match terrain, two and four wheel drive modes and an automatic locking front axle. It also uses the company’s LinQ attachment system for clipping on accessories.

Unique to these ATVs is a key system that lets riders limit power for normal riding or turn off the governors with a “performance” key. Owners report speeds well in excess of 50 MPH with 1,000 cc models using this key, although real world use is limited since there’s no way for the suspension or the driver’s reaction times to handle those speeds on anything other than smooth, straight paths.

Starting with this base, the models add equipment to fit the needs of sport and utility buyers. This includes options like a 3,000 lb. Warn winch and tool-free adjustable Fox suspension that provides 13 inches of clearance. For models without the Fox suspension, clearance is limited to 11 inches.

Need something that can carry cargo? The oddball 6×6 is essentially a 4×4 Outlander with a frame extension and extra wheels that lets the ATV carry a dump box with a 700 lb. capacity. This extended ATV can tow up to 1,650 lbs, while smaller models are limited to 1,300 lbs. Buyers can also get a two-seat version of the 4×4 model for carrying a passenger.

The top-of-the-line MR models are built for mud with tall tires and a radiator mounted in front of the handlebars in place of the rack to keep it clean. That equipment makes the MR 1000 R massive at 97 inches long, 50 inches wide and 51.5 inches tall.

BRP also offers the North Edition which adds a windshield, heated grips, and mudguards for cold weather, while the Limited has a built-in Garmin Montana 650t navigation system. Want something for hunting? The Mossy Oak Hunting Edition has the camo manufacturer’s Country pattern along with a gun boot.

Argo XTV

The Kohler Command Pro engines used by Argo are roughly comparable to the 850 cc units used in the Outlander, and they also have a CVT with a low range gear. Argo’s drivetrain design powers all the wheels all the time, but they’re able to do this with minimal scrubbing to provide maximum traction on any surface.

When it comes to equipment, anything available for the Outlander is available on the Argo, but with better features. Warn winches are available on some models, but they’re units are rated at 3,500 lbs. Want to add tracks? Argo offers treads that fit over the tires, making them far cheaper than the full suspension component replacements needed to get a track system on an ATV. Need weather protection? An XTV can be fitted with heated grips, a full cabin, and even a heater.

While any 6×6 XTV can carry four people, it measures just 95x58x45.8 inches, a couple inches shorter and a full six inches lower than the top Outlander MR. Ground clearance is just 9.5 inches, but the XTV’s low ground pressure lets it drive over mud instead of through it, giving it a serious advantage on wet terrain.

Argo’s 8×8 models are shorter than the Outlander 6×6, but a Conquest can easily out-haul the ATV with a maximum total payload of 1,450 lbs, and with a tow rating of 2,000 lbs, it also out-tows the Can-Am. Scout models also outperform the Hunting Edition, including Mossy Oak camo along with more gear and rifle storage space.


Argo can’t match the power and absurd speeds of the biggest Outlander models, but when it comes to every other aspect of off-roading, an XTV handily beats these ATVs. BRP claims they “own the mud,” which may be true compared to other ATVs, but the MR can’t come close to the capabilities of an XTV. XTVs also beat the Outlander in utility despite being more compact, and any equipment Can-Am offers is also available from Argo.

Think an Argo XTV may be right for you? With over 30 years of experience helping customers with their outdoor equipment, Shank’s Argo can help you find the vehicle that will fit your needs whether you need it for work or play. To schedule a demo, visit our website,, or stop by our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off Rt. 11, one mile east of I-81 near Marion.

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