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Argo XTVs: The Perfect Vehicles for Mining

The most flexible off-road vehicle on the market is more than a toy for outdoor fun. Thanks to their amphibious and soft terrain abilities, these amphibious ATVs are perfect for working in harsh, undeveloped areas. That’s why they’re a natural fit for mining. All over the world, petroleum and ore companies use Argos for exploration, logistics and personnel transport. Here’s why you should consider one for your operation, whether you’re wildcatting or working on an established site.

Go Further

An XTV can do things that are nearly impossible in other off-road vehicles. The tires are the suspension, so there’s no need to support the vehicle on tall, long travel springs and shocks. This keeps the center of gravity low for excellent stability on steep climbs. The tires also spread out the vehicle’s weight, resulting in extremely low ground pressure. Instead of digging into soft mud and sand, it can drive over these surfaces. These capabilities let you get closer to work sites, cutting the amount of time you need to spend walking. This can cut travel times dramatically while reducing the physical exertion your workers are put through.

Bulletproof Reliability

While other off-road manufacturers focus on performance, Argo builds their vehicles to stand up to commercial duty. They pair industrial engines from Kohler and Briggs & Stratton with transmissions built by Argo’s parent company, ODG. They might not be a household name, but if you work in the oil and gas industry, there’s a good chance you already have equipment that uses their driveshafts and gears.

All amphibious ATVs are designed to work in operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 104°F. That means you can rely on your vehicle whether you’re on the tundra or in the desert.

Better for the Environment

An XTV is a great choice for working in environmentally sensitive areas. The vehicle’s low ground pressure won’t disturb plants or soil, and repeated use won’t wear down paths. The engine and drivetrain is fully contained in hull, keeping gas and lubricants from reaching the ground. This doesn’t just protect the environment, it lets you legally enter areas out of reach to other vehicles.

Built for Your Needs

The Conquest Pro 800 XT-L comes equipped with everything you need to work in the field. A ROPS, windshield and rear mesh screen protect you while driving to your exploration site. When you’re there, you can use the work light to illuminate the area, and carry the tools you need in the removable tote. If there’s an accident, a stretcher can be deployed to get injured workers to a medical facility or evac helicopter.

Need to get personnel on site? Argo’s new Aurora 850 and 950 SX-R come with ROPS from the factory and have seating for four people. This new design also offers an improved ride and more room for people and gear compared to its predecessor, the Avenger.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Argo offers an extensive range of accessories, letting you tailor your XTV to your needs. Starting with one of their standard models, you can add winches, lighting, a dump bed, an outboard motor and more. Need more cargo space? Argo makes amphibious trailers.

Real World Use: Expanding Port Operations for Moving Ore

The off-road, mud and water capabilities of an Argo make it perfect for getting to and from coastal installations. Port Hedland is Australia’s busiest port and a key part of BHP Billiton’s massive mining operations. When they needed to make improvements to quadruple the ore passing through their facility, they turned to Argo. The harbor’s low tide leaves mud and low water levels that are difficult to traverse in boats and regular off-road vehicles. However, by deploying XTVs, they were able to get personnel to drill sampling sites at all times of day in all conditions from mud to mangrove forests.

Professional Support for Your Professional Needs

Shank’s Argo isn’t just a power toy shop: for decades, we’ve helped businesses with the equipment they need to succeed. We can help you find the right XTV and outfit it for your needs, as well as supply the service and parts support you need to keep them operating. Schedule a demo at or visit our showroom at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA.

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