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ARGO is reinventing the utility vehicle industry with their latest machine, the XTV. XTV stands for eXtreme Terrain Vehicle, and it is designed to help drivers reach areas that even traditional ATVs and UTVs cannot access. ARGO has amphibious capabilities so their vehicles can traverse swampy areas, shallow rivers and wet beaches without any additional tools or equipment. In addition, the XTV is designed to handle equally difficult mountainous terrain with a high ground clearance for rock climbing and uneven slopes.

How is the XTV Different?

Some of the biggest features of ARGO’s XTV are the seating and cargo capabilities. While a standard ATV has a single saddle seat that may or may not have room for a single passenger, with few safety measures in place, the XTV offers side by side captain’s chairs for either two or four passengers comfortably seated. In addition, the XTV offers superior handling with its six or eight-wheel design, providing more evenly distributed weight of the vehicle and less impact on the land and vegetation that is being crossed. Rubber track accessories are also available to convert the machine into a crawler. Lastly, while an ATV has limited steering and functionality on its handle bars, the XTV comes with a full steering wheel so it is more comfortable and requires far less physical effort to maneuver.

Added Functionality

Although the XTV is priced higher than the standard ATV, it is important to remember that it provides substantial utility advancements over the ATV. Not only is the machine amphibious, it can cross a much larger range of environmental conditions safely. It is able to carry at least twice as many passengers in a single trip, while also hauling up to two thousand pounds of cargo, meaning there will be much less time spent transporting goods and people to the destination. ARGO also offers a huge selection of attachments and configuration options so that the vehicle can be customized entirely to meet the needs of the buyer’s objectives including extra racks and storage space, fire protection products and more.

Brute Force

The XTV stands above ATVs in a number of other ways as well. It is run on an 8-wheel direct drive system. The entirety of the design is well contained and engineered to produce minimal waste while leaving no trace that the vehicle ever passed through a given area. The environmental impact of the vehicle is minimal. In addition, while ATVs used light weight plastics to create the illusion of glamour and glitz, the XTV is designed for resilience and ruggedness in the face of all different kinds of terrain. The XTV’s exterior is less likely to scratch, crack or warp in high heat and challenging environments. Since the XTV is focused on carrying large amounts of people and cargo through extreme conditions as safely as possible, the top speed is slightly lower than that of the ATV. To maintain all necessary points of contact with the ground and reduce the chance of rolling or tipping, the speed of the XTV should not be expected to compete with smaller vehicles that are unable to function in similar terrain.

Ultimately, the ARGO XTV is the right vehicle for any commercial, industrial or personal operation that requires a reliable and heavy duty piece of equipment that is able to carry cargo and people in even the muckiest of waters and over the rockiest of mountains. This vehicle can be uniquely designed for suitability with any application by choosing the most needed accessories and options from the beginning.

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