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Aurora 850 SX: A Balanced Vehicle for Enthusiasts and Hunters

The Aurora is Argo’s newest amphibious ATV platform, and the 850 SX model is in the middle of the lineup, between the light duty 800 and the high power 950. For most buyers, it delivers the perfect balance of utility, space and price. It’s also a great choice for hunters, thanks to the Huntmaster edition. It adds camouflage and equipment, making it perfect for forest treks and hiding in duck blinds. Upgrades to the transmission and new standard equipment make these vehicles more capable than ever.

Improved Performance

Power is courtesy of a 33 HP air-cooled Vanguard V-Twin with EFI. This is a popular industrial engine found in a wide range of commercial lawn care equipment. The 850 SX comes with Argo’s Admiral transmission, which has all the latest updates. APS steering adds a spring return system, allowing more precise control, while giving this vehicle the feel of operating a regular ATV. The Instant Torque Clutch, which is new for 2022, engages faster and offers a wider gear range than earlier CVTs. The result is 28% more torque than the old High Torque transmission, and 25% better acceleration than the Standard Torque transmission. This XTV has a 25 MPH top speed on land. Get in the water, and the paddling action of the tires limits speed to 3 MPH.

New Features

Other changes include a new 8.5 gallon metal tank with a fuel gauge built into the digital instrument cluster. The engine bay has also been revised to reduce heat and noise from the engine, making the cab more comfortable. Amphibious ATVs don’t have a traditional suspension, relying on the giant tires to absorb bumps. Airlock rims come standard on this model, letting you run lower tire pressures for a smoother ride.

Towing and Payload

The Aurora 850 SX has a payload capacity of 1,100 lbs. and up to 6 people on land. Enter the water, and payload drops to 900 lbs. with up to four passengers. A two inch hitch receiver lets you tow up to 1,800 lbs. on both land and water.

Huntmaster: Popular Equipment for Hunters

This line of XTVs adds popular equipment and camouflage for hunting. When you choose the Huntmaster version of the Aurora 850 SX, you get a 3,500 lb. Warn winch and a front cargo rack. For 2022, Argo switched to TrueTimber Prairie Camo for these models. It uses a pattern that works in all environments found in North America, including forests and river banks. The standard Aurora is available in three colors: black, orange and tundra green.

Ready to Explore the Outdoors with an Aurora 850 SX?

If you want the capabilities of an Argo amphibious ATV, talk to the experts at Shank’s Argo. We’re one of the largest dealers in the East, and we have decades of experience with outdoor equipment. Visit our showroom at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA, or check out our inventory and schedule a demonstration at our website, Need parts or accessories for your Argo? We can ship what you need to any address in America or Canada.

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