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Avenger 8×8 Huntmaster and Huntmaster R: A Mainstay of Hunting Outfitters

It’s easy to see why Argo’s Avenger 8×8 Huntmaster is a favorite of outfitters and professional hunters. The all-terrain and amphibious abilities of an XTV let it go places other vehicles can’t reach, and with the equipment and payload capacity of the Huntmaster and Huntmaster R, you’ll be able to get to your hunting spot with all of your gear.


Avengers are powered by a 30 hp Kohler Aegis V-Twin. Commonly found in professional outdoor equipment, this industrial engine is equipped with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection for reliable performance in any weather.

The Huntmaster uses an Admiral transmission with either STD or HT gearing. The ST gear set provides balanced performance with a top speed of 20 MPH, while the HT gear set uses a lower ratio, making it the best choice if you’ll be climbing steep hills or consistently operating near the vehicle’s maximum payload capacity. Top speed with this gear set is 17 MPH.

The Huntmaster can carry as much as 935 lbs. and 6 passengers on land and 785 lbs. and four passengers on water. The Huntmaster R can carry 15 lbs. less on land and water due to the weight of added equipment. Either vehicle can tow up to 1,800 lbs.

Standard Equipment

The Huntmaster comes with the same standard equipment that can be found on nearly all XTVs including a full-length skid plate, bilge pump and axle extensions that provide space to fit tracks. From there, Argo adds accessories designed for the needs of hunters:

— Dual entry steps that make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle from either side.

— A gun rack that can hold up to four rifles. It’s positioned in the center of the vehicle behind the front seats, allowing the rifles to be stored without cases for easy access. Argo also offers a kit to set up the rack to hold two bows.

— A removable front rack adds more cargo space, holding up to 50 lbs. of gear.

— Fog lights and headlights to provide visibility in low light conditions and can be used to light up areas to set up camp.

— A front-mounted 3,500 lb. Warn Winch can be used to get the vehicle out of jams or rescue equipment. Pre-wired switches can operate the winch motor from the driver’s seat.

— A brush guard to protect the lights, winch and front end.

— A heavy-duty drive belt that reduces maintenance intervals.

The Huntmaster R has all the equipment of the standard Avenger Huntmaster, plus 8×8 plus aluminum bead lock rims. These wheels clamp down on the tires, keeping them from separating from the rim when using extremely low tire pressures for grip on rocky surfaces.


Argo’s partnership with Mossy Oak continues this year, bringing with it two new camo patterns to the Wilderness Series: Shadow Grass Blades and Break-Up Country. Thanks to the popularity of these patterns, it’s easy to get matching clothing, weapons, and other gear so you can blend in with your environment.

The amphibious abilities of XTVs have long made them a favorite for waterfowl hunting: instead of getting to a hunting spot and wading into a duck blind, the vehicle can be driven into marshes and over water, acting as a mobile hunting platform. To aid these hunters, Shadow Grass Blades uses graphical elements taken from photos of marsh grasses applied in a variety of shapes and sizes. This provides coloration that helps the vehicle blend in while breaking up its outline.

Break-Up Country is an update of the Break-Up Infinity pattern Argo used in previous years. Like Shadow Grass Blades, this wood-based pattern uses elements in a variety of sizes to help remove the vehicle outline.

Both the front rack and brush guard are painted light brown to blend in with these patterns.

If You Want a Professional Hunting Vehicle, Visit Shank’s Argo

Shank’s Argo is more than just a major Argo dealer: we have decades of experience with outdoor equipment, so we know how to find the right model for your needs and keep it running year after year. If you think an Argo XTV may be right for you, visit our showroom, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile East of I-81 via Exit 10 to Marion. Already own an Argo XTV? Schedule a test drive and see how Argo can work for you.

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