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Conquest Pro 950 XT

The Conquest series of commercial amphibious ATVs is great, but there’s always room for more: more power, more performance and more off-road capability. Argo delivers on all three with the new Conquest Pro 950 XT. Numerous upgrades make this one of the most capable XTVs yet.
Customers have been asking for more power from their amphibious ATVs, and Argo delivered. The 950 range uses Vanguard’s most powerful engine, the 40 HP EFI Big Block. Electronic fuel injection improves fuel efficiency and makes the engine easier to start in cold weather. Since it’s air-cooled, there’s no need to worry about coolant like the Kohler Aegis used in other Conquest models. Of course, this engine was thoroughly tested by Argo to ensure it performs well in temperatures ranging from -40 to 104°F.
The XT comes with an Admiral ST transmission fitted with a heavy-duty drive belt. This gearbox uses a steering brake system that applies gradual pressure for smooth turns. Shift into low gear, and the turning radius becomes shorter than the length of the vehicle. The top speed for this vehicle is 17 MPH on land, while the paddling motion of the tires help it reach 2 MPH on water. Full length mud flaps along the sides of the vehicle shield the occupants and cargo from mud and water thrown up by the tires.
The Pro comes with Argo’s new 9 inch beadlock rims, 25 inch tires and axle extensions as standard equipment. These components let you run lower tire pressures for better traction on soft surfaces, while providing plenty of space for track installation. The Conquest Pro has 9 inches of ground clearance with the stock wheels and tires, increasing to 10 inches with tracks installed.
Cargo and Equipment
This model has the least standard equipment of Argo’s new Conquest Pro 950 models. As a result, it has the largest available cargo capacity, carrying up to 1,210 lbs. on land and 510 lbs. on water. Towing capacity with the built-in hitch is 2,000 lbs. Add an amphibious trailer, and you can haul equipment over any terrain, and even water. The front of the XT carries two people, leaving the back open for cargo.
While this is the base model, it is by no means bare bones. Up front, you’ll find a Warn winch that can pull up to 4,500 lbs. Surrounding this winch is a full length brush guard. As with other Conquest models, the XT has new projector beam headlights that improve visibility at night.
Like all current Argo models, the XT comes with a full length skid plate. This creates a flat, smooth bottom that won’t get hung up on rocks and tree branches like the plates on UTVs. The 950 also has an auto chain lubrication system, eliminating the need for frequent chain oiling service.
This model is available in bright Industrial Yellow and Argo’s standard color, Tundra Green.
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