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Conquest Pro XT-L

Do you need a vehicle with better off-road capabilities than a UTV, while protecting passengers from work hazards? The Conquest Pro 950 XT-L delivers the same capabilities as Argo’s other XTVs, a high load capacity, and plenty of safety features. While this XTV is aimed primarily at the mining industry, it’s a great choice for any work site that requires added protection for workers.
The Conquest Pro 950 is powered by Vanguard’s most powerful engine, a 40 HP air-cooled, electronic fuel injection-equipped V-twin. It’s paired with an Admiral ST transmission, delivering a top speed of 17 MPH. This transmission can gradually apply steering brakes to change direction. This makes steering feel natural, while maintaining the short turning radius of a skid steer system.
The transmission comes with a heavy-duty drive belt, while the chain final drive uses an automatic oiling system to stay lubricated. Together, these features cut down on downtime and maintenance.
The 950 comes equipped with axle extensions, providing plenty of space to install tracks. The tires are mounted on steel beadlock rims, a new feature this year. Instead of depending on air pressure to keep the tires seated, they clamp down on both sides of the bead. This makes it safe to run the tires at lower pressures, improving grip and ride comfort.
The XT-L has 9 inches of ground clearance from the factory, which is slightly lower than previous models. Installing tracks adds another inch of clearance.
Equipped for Increased Safety
Normally, the low center of gravity makes it very unlikely that an XTV will flip, so they don’t need rollover protection. However, work environments often require added protection from outside hazards. The XT-L is built for these situations, combining a ROPS with a hard roof to deflect falling debris, and a rear mesh screen to keep items in the back from entering the seating area.
The downside of this equipment is that it makes the XT-L unable to float in water like other Argos. However, it’s still able to ford water up to the bumper, and it still floats over mud, sand and snow. This lets it operate in areas that are inaccessible to other off-road vehicles. The Conquest’s low ground pressure also minimizes terrain damage, making it a great choice for operating in ecologically sensitive areas.
The XT-L also comes equipped with a brushguard and a front-mounted Warn winch that can pull up to 4,500 lbs. This year, all Conquest models come with projector beam headlights, which increase visibility in low light conditions.
As equipped, the Conquest 950 XT-L can carry up to 1,048 lbs, including a driver and passenger. It’s also capable of towing up to 2,000 lbs. The XT-L can pull a standard trailer, or you can use this XTV to tow one of Argo’s amphibious trailers. These have the same tire and wheel setup as their vehicles, so they roll over soft ground with ease.
This model is available in Argo’s trademark Tundra Green and bright Industrial Yellow.
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