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Conquest Pro XT-X

Construction sites can be difficult places to drive, especially if they’re in remote areas. Terrain can be uneven, and excavating can create stretches of mud that stop trucks and UTVs in their tracks. The Conquest Pro 950 XT-X is designed to thrive in these conditions. Its 8 wheels float over mud, and its dump bed and high towing capacity make it ideal for moving materials and equipment around the worksite.
The Conquest Pro 950 is powered by Vanguard’s EFI Big Block. Producing 40 HP, this is the most powerful engine ever offered in an Argo. Electronic fuel injection reduces fuel consumption, and makes the engine easy to start in all weather conditions. Since it’s air cooled, there’s no radiator or coolant to worry about.
The engine drives an Admiral transmission with their ST gearset. In this application, it gives the XT-X a top speed of 17 MPH, while still having plenty of pulling power. An HD drive belt comes standard. This vehicle is not amphibious due to its layout and high center of gravity. However, it still delivers the hill stability and traction Argo is know for.
This Conquest has Argo’s new 9 inch beadlock rims fitted with 25 inch tires. This lets you run lower tire pressures without worrying about the bead rolling off the rim, even if your vehicle is fully loaded. The XT-X has 9 inches of ground clearance, increasing to 10 inches with tracks installed. Axle extensions come standard, so it’s ready for track installation straight from the factory.
This model also comes with an auto chain lubricator, which periodically drops fresh oil onto the drive chains. While these chains still need to be cleaned every season, the drive system needs significantly less maintenance overall.
Like other Conquest Pro 950s, the XT-X comes with a 4,500 lb. Warn winch and a brush guard. It also receives new projector beam headlights for increased visibility at night.
To protect the driver and passenger, the XT-X comes with a ROPS. These rollover bars come mounted with a hard roof that offers weather and falling object protection, as well as a mesh screen that separates the cargo and passenger areas.
The XT-X is the only Argo model that comes with a power dump box from the factory. This bed is perfect for carrying loose materials, or mounting a spray tank. Flip a switch on the dash, and an electric motor operates a hydraulic piston. This in turn tilts the box back, dumping the contents. The box uses all metal construction, and can handle loads well above the maximum cargo capacity of this vehicle. A small part of the cargo area is still available for added storage, but it can only be accessed with the box tilted up.
Cargo Capacity
Maximum cargo capacity for this vehicle is 848 lbs, including a driver and one passenger. Towing capacity remains the same as other Conquests at 2,000 lbs.
The Conquest 950 XT-X is available in Argo’s signature Tundra Green and high visibility Industrial Yellow.
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