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Conquest Series XTVs – When Your Job Depends on It

Most Argo models are built for maximum passenger capacity, but what if you need to bring equipment to remote areas? That’s where the Conquest comes in. It adds a large cargo area to bring whatever you need to wherever you need it.

Every version of the Conquest uses the Admiral transmission which has an independent braking system for better maneuverability. When shifted into low, it can make turns within the length of the vehicle for tackling the narrowest trails. In the Conquest, this transmission uses standard gearing for a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) on land and 3 mph (5 km/h) on water.

No matter which Conquest model you choose, you’ll get a full-length skid plate, an alternator, a rugged frame, a bilge pump, and a heavy-duty drive belt.


conquest-8x8-iThe Conquest can seat two people, and an optional bench seat can be added to seat two more passengers when traveling on land. Behind the seats is a large cargo area for carrying equipment or mounting accessories like tool boxes or Argo’s universal subframe, which provides a mounting surface for third party equipment weighing up to 750 lbs. (340 kg.)

Conquests are powered by liquid cooled Kohler V-Twin engines. The 8×8 i and XTi are powered by a 30 hp gasoline engine, while the d and XTd use a 24 hp diesel engine. The XTi and XTd come with a front-mounted Warn 4,500 lb. winch, automatic chain lubricating system, and a brush guard. Body colors include green and yellow.

Optional equipment includes a 6 1/4 inch (160 mm) wide catwalk that runs along the sides of the vehicle for reaching the rear without touching the ground, as well as a fold-down windshield and windshield wiper.

Outfitter XTi and XTi-Z

dscn0371-sw2These Conquest XTVs are designed with wilderness businesses in mind. They have premium front and rear seats with extended seat backs, a gun rack, a front cargo rack, LED headlights and heated driver and passenger hand grips. Like the rest of Argo’s Wilderness series, the upper body uses Mossy Oak’s Break Up Infinity camouflage pattern. The Outfitter can seat six people on land and two people when crossing water. It’s only available with the gas engine. The XTi-Z comes with a heater.

A convertible top with removable side and rear doors can be added to the Outfitter for improved weather protection.

Explorer XTi and XTd

conquest-8x8-explorer_-xti_tundra_windshieldThis version of the Conquest is outfitted for construction work. It includes a two person ROPS for roll over protection, a windshield, roof, Warn 4,500 lb. winch, heated grips and a dump bed that can be tipped from the driver’s seat. This bed is designed to handle up to 1,000 lbs. (450 kg) although payload for the Explorer is 1,055 lbs. (479 kg) with the gas-powered XTi and 905 lbs. (411 kg) with the diesel-powered XTd. Both models are available in green and yellow.

The Explorer can be outfitted with an 81 inch (two meter) steel blade for clearing ice and snow.

Lineman XTi

conquest8x8-lineman-xtiThe Lineman XTi is essentially a basic Conquest XTi with the addition of equipment that makes it ideal for electrical line work. This equipment includes LED headlights, a swiveling spotlight on the roof, a capstan winch, a 38 gallon (114 L) dry storage tote, a stretcher and a vice. The spotlight, tote, and vice allow the rear of the vehicle to be used as a mobile work station, while the stretcher attaches to the tote rack to evacuate injured workers. It’s only available with the gas engine.

When you need to do work in remote areas, it’s hard to beat an Argo Conquest. This 8-wheeled vehicle can be set up for moving people and equipment, doing basic construction work and even specialized tasks like electrical repair, and with its tight turning radius and ability to cross bodies of water, it’s nearly unstoppable.


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