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Getting Started with Your New Argo Aurora XTV

Getting Started with Your New Argo Aurora XTV

The Aurora isn’t just a new model line for Argo, it’s an all-new design that will serve as the base for all future Argo amphibious ATVs. With this big change comes new design features that make taking care of these models different from previous XTVs. These tips will help you with break-in and basic maintenance, whether you’re new to Argos or you’re an experienced owner.

Vehicle Break-In

– Vary the throttle when driving during the first full tank of fuel, and avoid using full throttle.
– Check the engine oil and transmission fluid levels daily.
– Change the transmission fluid and engine oil after 20 hours of operation. To check the operating hours, cycle through the digital display by pressing the right button on the instrument cluster.
– Bed in the steering brakes by making low speed turns in both directions, then driving straight to let the brakes cool. Keep the handlebar centered when driving straight: turning it a little bit may not change the vehicle’s direction, but it may engage a steering brake enough to cause overheating. The Aurora’s APS steering will help you keep the bar centered.

Pre-Use Checks

Before you drive your Aurora, there are a few things you need to check to ensure a safe trip:

– Check the fuel level in the translucent fuel tank, located below the driver’s seat. A full tank can keep the engine running up to 7 hours under ideal conditions, but it never hurts to have more fuel than you think you’ll need.
– Check the air pressure in the tires. Argo offers a tire gauge that can get accurate readings at the low pressures the tires are used at.
– Make sure the throttle, handlebar and brake lever move smoothly and have a full range of motion. If they don’t, have these components fixed before driving your Aurora.

Checking and Changing the Oil

Both Kohler and Vanguard engines have a dipstick next to one of the cylinder heads. To get an accurate reading, the vehicle needs to be on a level surface, and the engine needs to be off for a few minutes to let the oil flow back into the sump.

To change the oil, remove the dipstick, then place a drain pan below the drain plug. If you are facing the front of your XTV, the plug is on the back of Kohler engines, and on the left side of Vanguard engines. You may need a cut-down container to fit it between the engine and the frame. Remove the drain plug, then reinstall it once the sump is empty.

Next, replace the oil filter. Filters are located on the lower left side of both engines. Add new oil. Argo 5W30 Synthetic oil can be used in both engines. Kohler also recommends 10W30 for most operating conditions, while 5W30 can be used below freezing. The Kohler Aegis holds two quarts of oil. The Vanguard Big Block can use Vanguard 15W50 synthetic above 20°F, synthetic 5W30 below 100°F, and 10W30 between 0-80°F. This engine holds 2.4 quarts.

Checking and Changing the Transmission Fluid

To access the transmission, remove the firewall. Unscrew the six bolts on the firewall, then pull the wall toward the seats and then up. You may need to push the throttle cable out of the way as you lift the firewall out of the vehicle.

The Admiral transmission has a sight glass built into the case. With the vehicle sitting on a level surface, the fluid level should reach the center of the glass.

A suction pump is needed to remove all of the fluid inside the transmission case. Do the following to change the fluid:

1. Remove the fill plug on top of the transmission.
2. Remove the drain plug, located next to the sight glass.
3. Once the oil has drained from the drain hole, insert the suction hose into the hole and remove the remaining transmission fluid.
4. Install the drain plug. Add fluid through the fill plug hole until the level reaches the middle of the sight glass. Argo recommends 80W90 gear lube or Argo’s own 75W90 synthetic lube. The transmission holds approximately 1.25 quarts of fluid.

Using the Rear Seats

By popular demand, Argo replaced the inward-facing jump seats found on other XTVs with a forward-facing jump seat. The seat only holds two people, limiting total capacity to four passengers. However, these vehicles can carry four people on both land and water.

Instead of folding up like the old seats, this new bench seat can be removed completely for more cargo room. The seat is held in by two pins on the back of the frame. To take out the seat, remove these pins and tilt the seat forward, then lift it straight up.

Keep Your Argo Running Reliably with Quality OEM Parts

If you’re looking for an Argo amphibious ATV, or you need to have your current vehicle serviced, visit the experts at Shank’s Argo. We’re a major Argo dealer with over three decades of experience selling and servicing outdoor equipment. Our shop and showroom are located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway, Chambersburg, PA. To schedule a test drive, visit

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