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Getting Started with the New Argo Aurora


The Argo Aurora is a completely new design, and that means there are some changes to how you need to care for these vehicles. Here’s what you need to know to get started with Argo’s latest line of amphibious ATVs.

Break-In Procedure

– While using the first tank of fuel, vary the engine speed and avoid using full throttle. This helps the piston rings seat.
– Check the engine oil and transmission fluid level daily.
– Change the transmission fluid and engine oil after 20 hours of operation.

Removing and Installing the Rear Bench Seat

The Aurora comes with a forward-facing bench seat that can be removed to increase cargo space.

To remove the seat:
1. Pull the left and right slide release pins, located on the bottom rear of the seat where the upper frame meets the lower frame.
2. Tilt the seat forward until the pins are above the lower frame.
3. Lift the seat up and out of the vehicle.

To install the seat:
1. Tilt the seat forward and lower the front pins into the lower seat frame.
2. Tilt the seat back. The rear slide pins should slide into the lower seat frame and click into place.

Removing and Installing the Firewall

The firewall needs to be removed to access the transmission and brakes for maintenance.

To remove the firewall:
1. Unscrew the 6 fasteners on the wall using a socket and ratchet.
2. Pull the firewall toward you, moving the throttle cable out of the way.
3. Lift the firewall up and out of the vehicle.

To install the firewall:
1. Slide the bottom of the firewall into the edge of the floor.
2. Tilt the firewall forward, pushing the throttle cable against the steering column.
3. Push the top of the firewall into the tabs on the left and right sides of the dash.
4. Install the 6 bolts that hold the firewall in place.

Checking the Engine Oil and Transmission Fluid

The vehicle needs to be parked on a level surface, and the engine needs to be cool to ensure all of the oil is in the crankcase to get an accurate reading. Be sure to wipe off the area around the dipstick before pulling it out of the engine. Kohler recommends using 10W30 oil for temperatures above 0°F and 5W30 for temperatures below 32°F. The Vanguard Big Block can use a variety of oils, but for most uses, the best choices are either synthetic 5W30, which can be used through the Aurora’s full operating temperature range, or conventional 10W30, which is safe for use from 0-80°F.

To check the oil level on the Admiral transmission, remove the firewall and check the sight glass next to the drain plug. The oil should come up to the middle of the glass. If the transmission is low, disconnect the vent tube on top of the transmission and pour oil through the hole. Argo recommends using either 80W90 gear oil or Argo synthetic 75W90 gear oil.

Air Filter

The Vanguard Big Block has a paper air filter surrounded by a foam pre-cleaner. These can be accessed by removing the knob on the top of the engine, followed by the cover and wing nut.

To clean the foam element, wash it in soapy water and allow it to dry. Soak it in clean engine oil and squeeze it out. It should be cleaned every 25 hours of operation, or more often if you’re operating in dusty conditions. The paper element should be checked every 100 hours and replaced as needed.

The Kohler EFI engine has a combination canister and paper element that does not need cleaning, just periodic replacement. Check the engine owner’s manual for information about replacement frequency.


Argo recommends using a fuel stabilizer if the gasoline will still be in the tank more than 45 days after purchase, even if you have an engine equipped with EFI.

Kohler-powered models have a fuel filter installed above the right side of the fuel tank, directly behind the fuel rail guard. To replace this filter, loosen the fuel line clamps and pull the lines off of the filter. Fit a new filter onto the fuel lines with the arrow pointing toward the line that runs to the engine. Tighten the clamps. This filter should be replaced every 1,000 hours or every year, whichever comes first.

The fuel filter on the 950 is on the engine. Check the engine owner’s manual for service information.

When You Think “Argo,” Think “Shank’s”

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