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Installing a Bilge Pump in Your Argo

While a bailing bucket works fine for minor splashes when you take your Argo into the water, a bilge pump makes it easier to keep the inside of your XTV dry for long-distance water travel. Fortunately, if your vehicle didn’t come with one pre-installed, installation is relatively straight forward. Here’s what you need to know to install a bilge pump in your 2010 or later Avenger, HDi, HD, or Frontier.

Tools You’ll Need

– 3/8, 9/16 and 1 ¼ inch wrenches
– ¼ and 1/8 inch flat head screwdrivers
– No. 2 Phillips screwdriver
– Drill
– 13/64, 7/16 and 15/16 inch drill bits
– 1 1/16 inch hole saw
– Rivet gun
– Utility knife or scissors
– Needle nose pliers

Attaching the Motor to the Base

1. Press the clips on the side of the pump to remove the plastic base. Use the 13/64 inch bit to open up the two holes in this base.
2. The bilge pump kit has two motor brackets. The large bracket fits the Avenger, HDi, and HD. The small bracket fits the Frontier. Use two rivets and washers to attach the bracket to the bilge pump.
3. Press the two rubber bumpers into the holes on the end of the bracket.

Bracket Installation

The bracket attaches to a bolt the rear right of the engine compartment.

Avenger, HDi, and HD:
If you have an older avenger, it will have a 1 ½ inch bolt or a carriage bolt inside the inner bearing flange. If it does, remove this bolt and replace it with the 3/8-16 x 2.0 inch bolt included in the kit. You may need to disconnect the front chain to remove the carriage bolt. Newer models have the correct length bolt installed at the factory.

Slide one washer, a spacer, and a second washer over the bolt. Slide the center hole of the pump bracket over the bolt, followed by a third washer. Screw a lock nut onto the end of the bolt.

Find the 3/8-16×2 inch bolt sticking out of the front inner bearing on the left (exhaust) side of the vehicle near the firewall. Slide a washer, spacer, and a second washer over this bolt. Slide the pump bracket over the bolt, followed by a third washer and a lock nut.

Pump Installation

1. Drill a 1-1/16 inch hole through the upper body for the hull fitting. The center of this hole should be 2 ½ inches above the hull lip and 2 ½ inches to the right of the exhaust panel.

2. Use the 1 ¼ inch wrench to install the hull fitting. Using the hose clamps, attach the hose to the fitting and the bilge pump outlet.

3. Run the pump wire harness along the side of the hose. Install tie wraps around the hose and wire every four inches.

4. Place the hose and wire in the included screw-on hose clamp, and slide the piece of foam between the hose and the round side of the clamp. Look for a pair of small holes below the hull fitting. Place a washer over each hole on the hose clamp, then use rivets to attach the hose clamp to the inside of the body using these holes.

Wiring the Pump

1. Connect the pigtail wire to the pump wire.

2. Find the unconnected pink wire with a female connector under the dash. This wire is tie-wrapped to another vehicle wiring. If the wire has an eye terminal, cut it off and install the spade connector included in the kit. Separate this wire from the other wiring, and attach it to the #2 terminal (second from the bottom) on the bilge pump switch.

2. Connect the brown wire from the pump motor to the #3 terminal (bottom) on the switch.

3. Connect the white and black wire pigtail from the pump to the ground terminal (top) of the switch. Attach the solid black wire from the switch ground to the vehicle ground bar.

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