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Installing a Fabric Convertible Top on Your Argo

Looking to install a convertible top on your Argo to get some added weather protection? This guide will walk you through the installation process step-by-step for your Avenger, Frontier, Bigfoot or Vanguard amphibious ATV.

Tools You’ll Need

– Phillips head screwdriver
– Measuring tape
– A carpenter’s square
– Medium strength thread locker. Argo recommends Loctite Blue 242.


These instructions cover all tops for Avenger (8×8 and 6×6), Frontier, Bigfoot and Vanguard XTVs.

1. Install the right hand side mount. It goes just behind the fuel cap filler hose on 8×8 XTVs, and just in front of it on 6×6 models. Position the bracket as close to the raised portion of the plastic next to the filler hose as possible, and four inches above the bumper.

2. Place the square on the rear right corner of the hull behind the bracket you just mounted. Measure from the inside edge of the square to the center of the side mount. Write down this measurement.

3. Place the square on the rear left corner. Using the distance you recorded earlier, mark the spot for the left hand side mount. Install this mount. These mounts should be parallel to each other.

4. Mount the eye ends to the adjusting poles, and apply Loctite to the set screws.

5. Slide the adjusting poles into the main frame tubes of the convertible top.

6. Attach the main frame tubes to the sides of the vehicle, connecting the eye ends to the side mounts. Apply Loctite to the mounting screws.

7. Zip the fabric top to the main frame. The zippered flaps tuck into the inside edges of the top.

8. Fit the windshield clip studs to the front of the windshield. Place one on each side of the windshield wiper hole plug near the center of the windshield. To attach the clips, push the U-shaped side into the rubber seal around the glass, then snap the S-shaped side of the clip into the groove on the edge of the windshield frame.

9. Snap the fabric to the studs you just fitted.

10. Attach the other dome clips to the windshield, positioning them to meet with the snaps on the fabric top. Position them so that they stretch the top evenly around the windshield. If you have an Avenger or Frontier, there are two additional threaded dome snaps that attach to the sides of the plastic base of the windshield.

11. With the top buttoned to the windshield, slide the adjustable poles out 15 inches. This positions the top for installation of the other dome clips. Keep in mind that the fabric won’t be tight with the poles in this position.

12. Zip up the doors on the convertible top. There are doors on the driver and passenger’s side and a tailgate. If you have an 8×8, there are also left and right quarter windows.

13. Install the stud domes along the body, matching them up to the position of the snaps on the top. The position will vary depending on your Argo model:

Avenger – 1 ¾ inches above the bumper rail
Frontier 8×8 – ½ inch above the bumper rail
All other models – 2 ½ inches above the bumper rail

When attaching the tailgate, start with the center stud dome and snap. From there, position the left and right snaps to keep the fabric level across the back of the vehicle.

14. Extend the poles until the sides of the top are tight and the fabric and windows are wrinkle free. Secure the locking collar on the poles.

15. Attach the two hooked tension straps to the brackets on the rear frame section. Connect the deck mounts to these straps. The strap acts as a plumb bob, showing the exact position to attach the deck mount to your Argo. If you have hand rails, attach the deck mounts to these rails. Otherwise, attach the mounts to the hull.

16. Tension the straps. This will tighten and flatten out the front and ceiling of the fabric top.

Using and Storing Your Top

Always fold the top down before transporting your vehicle. It’s not built to handle wind and turbulence at high speeds.

Never fold the windows. Roll them to keep them from forming creases. Store them on top of the frame or remove them completely. Be careful rolling and unrolling the windows in freezing temperatures. The plastic is brittle in extreme cold, and may crack.

To store your top, unzip the doors and side panels. Unsnap the front of the roof panel from the frame, then fold the frames together. Roll the overhead panel around the frames. Roll the window panels around the top, using the boot to cover the assembly.

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