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Installing a Snow Plow on Your Argo

An Argo amphibious ATV isn’t just fun to drive in the winter, it’s also great for working in cold weather. By adding a snow blade, you can clear parking lots and driveways in no time. Here’s what you need to know to install a snow plow kit on your Argo.
Before You Begin
This kit requires a winch. Once the blade is installed, the winch is used to lower and raise the blade. Argo recommends installing an alternator on older models. This provides more power than the factory stator, so frequent use of the winch doesn’t drain the battery.
The snow plow can’t be installed on vehicles with standard or super tracks, due to interference with the mounting bracket. However, the plow is compatible with other types of tracks.
You’ll need the following tools and equipment for this job:
– Ratchet with 17mm, 19mm, 9/16”, 5/8”, 3/4” and 1-1/8” sockets
– 17mm, 19mm, 9/16”, 3/4” and 1-1/8” wrenches
– Retaining ring pliers
– Grease
Mounting Brackets
The mounting brackets attach to the axle bearing extensions on your Argo’s front axle.
1. Place blocks under the front of your Argo.
2. Remove the front tires.
3. Remove the three bolts and flat washers on the axle extensions.
4. Install the mounting brackets using the holes in the axle extensions. Use the included 7/16-20 x 3-1/4” bolts if you’re installing the kit on an older vehicle, like an early Conquest, Bigfoot, Van2 or Response. Reuse the hardware you removed to install brackets on other XTVs.
Plow Blades
Slide the blade onto the mounting bracket. Place a washer on the ¾ x 5.5 inch bolt, then push the bolt up through the mounting bracket and blade. Place a second washer on top of the bolt, then secure the bolt with a 3/4” lock nut.
Extension Springs
1. Thread a 3/8” nut onto the matching eyebolts.
2. Hook one end of the spring to the eyebolt and the other to the bracket at the top of the blade assembly.
3. Place flat washers on the sides of the eyebolt and use a 3/8” lock nut to secure the bolt to the spring mounting angle. Tighten the nut until one inch of the eyebolt protrudes above the angle.
Scraping Knife
Attach the knife to the bottom of the blade with four one inch long carriage bolts and 3/8” lock nuts.
Block Adjustment Pin
1. Slide the spring, a matching washer, and the spring stop plate into the bracket that faces your XTV. Use the 10-20 x ¾ inch bolts and matching lock nuts to attach the plate to the bracket.
2. Place a washer on the 3/8”-16 eyebolt. Slide the eyebolt into the hole on the side of the stop plate. Screw it into the bracket.
Connecting the Winch
1. Reel out a few feet of winch line.
2. Attach the quick link to the mounting hole on your winch’s hook.
3. Slide the quick link through the hole behind the blade mounting bolt you installed earlier. Close the quick link.
4. Reel the line in until it starts to lift the blade.
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