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Introducing the ARGO Frontier 6×6

The UTV market may seem relatively new, but Argo has been building their unique “Xtreme Utility” vehicles for 50 years. Built to cross everything from dirt paths to open water, these vehicles have transported everyone from The Banana Splits to paramedics working in remote locations.

That type of capability may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The Frontier 6×6 series is the cheapest of the company’s lineup, but it still delivers the same all-terrain abilities of the company’s high-end models.

Frontier 6×6

frontier-6x6-tundraThe most basic Argo uses a 19 hp Kohler Command Pro engine. On land, it can carry up to four passengers, handle a 670 lb. (304 kg) payload and reach a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h.) In the water, it can carry up to two passengers, handle a 500 lb. payload and reach a top speed of 3 mph. It combines the CVT with a gearbox that has a low-speed gear for difficult maneuvers and steep terrain.

Frontier 6×6 S

frontier6x6s_black_360-001-swStep up to the S, and power increases to 23 hp. Top speed and payload remain the same when equipped with the standard transmission, but acceleration is improved over the base model. Need more torque? The High Torque transmission exchanges top speed for mechanical advantage, reaching speeds of 17 mph (27 km/h.) The S also has a skid plate running across the entire body and a bilge pump to keep the inside dry when driving over water. Body colors include black, green and Infinity Camo from Mossy Oak. The added equipment decreases payload by 10 lbs. (5 kg.)

Frontier 6×6 ST

frontier6x6s_360-001-swThe ST replaces the S’s standard transmission with the Admiral. This adds independent steering brakes for greater accuracy, but still uses the same handlebar controls, making it easy to learn. With the gearbox shifted into low, the Admiral lets the ST turn within its own length for maximum maneuverability. Otherwise, the equipment and features are identical to the S. The transmission adds some weight, bringing the total payload capacity to 630 lbs. (286 kg.)

Frontier Scout

scout6x6_360-001-swThe Scout adds taller back rests for the front passengers, a skid plate, a hood rack, a 3,500 lb. Warn winch, side entry steps and brake and tail lights. It’s available in S and ST versions, but the only color option is the Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity camouflage. Metal surfaces on the Scout including the hood rack are painted light brown to match the camo.

The Scout is offered in an S version with a 560 lb. (254 kg) cargo capacity and either standard or high torque transmissions, and in an ST version with a 530 lb. (240 kg) cargo capacity and the Admiral transmission.


Want one model of Frontier with some of the features of another model? While the engine and transmission are set for each version, Argo offers much of their equipment as accessories that can be added to get exactly the vehicle you want:

  • Full length skid plate
  • Bilge pump
  • Entry step
  • Heavy duty drive belt
  • Brake cooling fan
  • Front-mounted Warn 3,500 lb. winch

The capabilities of Argo’s XTVs are unparalleled in the industry, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to own one. The Frontier 6×6 line offers all the utility of an Argo in a compact, inexpensive package that’s suitable for traversing technically difficult terrain, reaching remote locations on a hunting trip or just going out for a fun wilderness drive with your friends.

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