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Kanye West: The Sherp’s Biggest Fan

Some vehicles are so good that they’re championed by celebrities. Arnold Schwartzeneger pushed for a civilian version of the Hummer after driving one on a film set. Bill Gates offered to buy Porsche 959s and give them to the NHTSA for crash testing, so he could legally drive on on U.S. streets. Even Argo’s own Huntmaster series made it to market, thanks to requests from professional hunter Jim Shockley. Argo’s latest vehicle also has a celebrity champion: musician and fashion mogul Kanye West. 

What is a Sherp?

In 2016, Quadra International debuted the ultimate off-road vehicle, which they call the Sherp. This large, van-like vehicle is built for long wilderness excursions with space to carry several weeks’ worth of fuel. It uses skid steering system, has giant tires that paddle through water, climbs extreme grades, and it’s built with industrial components for maximum reliability. If that sounds a lot like an Argo amphibious vehicle, you’d be right. Seeing that the Sherp is basically a giant XTV, Argo and Quadra created a partnership to add the Sherp to Argo’s model line.

What Does Yeezy Do with a Sherp?

When you’re a billionaire, the question isn’t “Why?” it’s “Why not?” That’s reason enough to own a fleet of the world’s most radical off-road vehicles in the world. However, he doesn’t just own these vehicles for clout. Kanye has two ranches in Wyoming, where he likes to spend time off-roading. He keeps a fleet of all-black Ford Raptors, and he owned a Ripsaw EV2, a civilian version of a high speed tank. However, the focus of his off-roading vehicle collection is his 9 Sherps.

Making the News with a Shoe Drop

For most people, the first time they heard of the Sherp wasn’t through news a trade show, an off-road event, or even its use in background shots for Kanye’s “Follow God” music video. It was from a shoe drop. In February 2020, Kanye West debuted his latest design, the YZY QNTM, by giving out shoes in Chicago. By itself, it’s enough to get sneakerheads out in droves, whether they wanted to wear the latest shoe, or make a hefty profit on the resale market. However, instead of standing in lines at boutiques, people picked up the shoes from a parade of Sherps rolling around Chicago neighborhoods. It got the attention of the media, highlighting the shoe and the vehicles.

You May Not Be Famous, but You Can Still Have Fun in an Argo

The Sherp may be well out of your budget, but Argo makes all kinds of outstanding and affordable off-road vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs, and their famous amphibious XTVs. If you want an off-road vehicle that goes anywhere and is built for the most demanding environments, visit Shank’s Argo. We’re one of the largest, most experience dealers in the Eastern U.S. Check out Argo’s vehicles at our showroom, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also see which models we have in stock and schedule a demo at our website, Need something for your Argo? We ship parts and accessories across America and Canada.

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