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Operating Your Argo in Winter

Are you ready to have some fun in the snow? While your Argo amphibious ATV is more than capable of tackling winter weather, you need to take some steps to keep you and your vehicle safe. These tips will help you have a safer adventure.

Preparing Your Vehicle

When you drive in the winter, you probably keep blankets, food and water on hand, in case you get stranded. You should do the same when you take your XTV out for a winter excursion.
Remove snow and ice from your vehicle before you set out. If it melts while you’re driving. it can refreeze on the axles and chains, keeping the vehicle from moving.

Wind Chill is Dangerous

Argo’s amphibious ATVs are built to operate at temperatures as low as -40°F, but you are not. At a wind chill below -20°F, you can get frostbite in minutes. You may not think you’ll be exposed to air that cold, but that’s what you’ll experience driving your XTV at 15 MPH while the temperature is 10°F. An enclosure and a windshield will make driving in the cold far safer and more comfortable. Even if you have an enclosed cabin, you should always wear clothing that minimizes skin exposure.

Saving Yourself if You Break Through the Ice

Argos are used for ice rescues, but the teams operating these vehicles have extensive training and special equipment. You should treat your Argo like any other motor vehicle: if the clear ice is less than 5 inches thick, or the white ice is less than 10 inches thick, don’t drive over it. Here’s what you should do, if you do break through the ice:

– Balance the vehicle, so it sits level. The engine’s exhaust and intake must be above the water line, or it will stall.
– Turn on your bilge pump, so any water that enters the cab is removed as quickly as possible.
– Use a paddle to break up thin ice around your vehicle. You want your XTV to climb onto a sturdy surface, so it doesn’t drop into the water again.
– If you have a winch and an anchor point, use them to pull your vehicle out of the water. If you don’t have either of these, back your vehicle up onto the ice. The rear is more buoyant, since it isn’t weighed down by the engine and transmission. This improves your angle of approach. Make sure the tires on both sides of the vehicle reach the ice at the same time. Otherwise, the vehicle could tilt, letting water into the cab.
– When all else fails, stay put. You have a better chance of being rescued than successfully walking on thin ice to safety.

Get Ready for Winter Adventures

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