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ORV, Boat, or Something Else: Registering Your Argo Amphibious ATV

What exactly is an Argo? The company markets them Xtreme Terrain Vehicles and amphibious ATVs, because they can go over land and water. However, when it comes to registering and using your vehicle, you may find that it’s hard to categorize. Here’s how your XTV fits into various off road and boating categories.

How Does My Argo Fit Into Different Vehicle Categories?

Depending on where and how you use your XTV, it may fall into any of these vehicle categories.

OHV: Off-highway vehicles include anything that isn’t legal for use on highways, including wheeled vehicles and boats.
ORV: Off-road vehicles include everything with at least four wheels
ATV: Federal regulations include all small off-road ORVs in this category, including XTVs. States typically define ATVs as vehicles with three or four wheels under a certain width.
UTV: This is a vehicle with four or more wheels that is over a certain width. That width varies slightly from state to state, but your Argo will always meet these requirements. This category is mostly used for trail restrictions.
LSV: The requirements a Low Speed Vehicle varies between states. Usually, your vehicle needs to have insurance, lighting, and a top speed under 35 MPH. If your Argo is licensed as an LSV, you can drive it on neighborhood roads. In some cases, this will let you drive to trails instead of hauling your vehicle between trail heads. LSVs are banned from some park and service roads.
Motorized watercraft: Your XTV falls under this category, if it does more than cross a stream. That means you have to meet the same licensing, equipment and inspection requirements as other watercraft.
Swamp buggy: Florida does not allow swamp buggies on most roads. However, this category defines a buggy according to its height and number of wheels, which disqualifies Argos. An XTV has no trouble traveling through swamps, and you still have the right to access the same roads as any other ATV.
Disabled dispensations: In some cases, requirements may be waved when an XTV is operated by a disabled person. Michigan names Argos specifically in their regulations covering hunting and access permits.

Operating on Federal Lands
Vehicles must meet both federal and state requirements. ATVs cannot be used in national parts, but they are allowed in some recreational areas and federal seashores. Most Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land is open to ATVs.
Vehicles on federal lands must use the “best technology” to limit pollution. For Argos, that means you need a muffler with a spark arrester. Spark arresters are available for all amphibious ATVs built from 2011 onward.

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