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Setting Up Your Argo for Hunting

Whether you own a Huntmaster series XTV, or you have one of Argo’s other amphibious vehicles, there are plenty of ways you can make it better for hunting. These accessories will help you get more out of your vehicle, whether you do it for fun, or you provide expedition support for a living.
Improving Off-Road and Water Performance
Beadlock rims: While most Argo models sold today come with wheels equipped beadlock rims, you can still upgrade your older XTV. Instead of having a rim for the bead to push against, these wheels have a two piece rim that clamps onto the tire. This keeps the bead from rolling off when you’re running the tires at low pressure for maximum traction and flotation. Argo makes both steel and alloy beadlock rims.
Tracks: Upgrading to a track system on an Argo is straight forward, as the track can wrap around the tires. Argo offers track designs for everything from pavement to snow and ice. These tracks don’t just improve grip, they also lower ground pressure to a point that the vehicle can float over snow and soft mud. Axle extensions are required to run tracks. These are included with most current Argos, and can be retrofitted to older vehicles. The tires can’t paddle through water with tracks installed, so your Argo won’t be able to propel itself if it enters water deeper than the top edge of the hull.
Want to travel faster through deep water? An outboard motor mount lets you install a sub-10 HP long shaft motor. When you’re close to the shore, you can lift the motor out of the water and use the paddling action of the tires to get out of the water. Installing an outboard motor also lets you cross water with tracks installed.
Gearing Up for Longer Excursions
Worried about fuel or flats? Argo offers mounts for gas cans and spare tires that attach to the rear of the vehicle.
Do you need more cargo space? Argo makes racks for the front and back of the vehicle which can support up to 50 lbs. of equipment. They recently redesigned their front rack. The old model was held in by four pins. Both the pins and rack itself have to be removed before the hood can be opened. The new version uses swivel mounts for the rear supports. Once you remove the two pins on the front, you can tilt the rack back and access the hood. The rear rack extends off of the back of the vehicle. It can’t be used with other rear attachments, like the outboard motor mount and gas can holder.
Argo’s convertible tops are an easy way to add weather protection. Argo makes versions for covering the front seating area and the entire vehicle seating area. These require a windshield and a ROPS.
A light kit adds more front end lighting, increasing your viewing distance at night. It’s also handy for lighting the area when you’re setting up camp.
Do you want to really extend the reach of your Argo? By installing D rings on your XTV’s axle hubs, you can have your vehicle towed by helicopter. While this is mostly intended for emergency vehicle delivery, hunters use this method to reach remote hunting areas.
Gear Up for Your Next Hunting Season
Whether you want to buy an XTV, or you want to outfit it to better fit your needs, talk to the experts at Shank’s Argo. We’re a full service dealer, offering sales and support for everything Argo. If you want to do the work yourself, you can order accessories and parts from us at We ship across America and Canada. Want us to install accessories for you? Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA.

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