Avenger Series

Shank’s Argo is an authorized dealer of Argo Avenger vehicles, intended for both no-frills and demanding adventurers, and on-the-go lifesavers. We deliver the ultimate in customer service and product quality — a reputation that is hard to equal or exceed in the industry.

Our Avenger series models are built for maximum capacity. With 8 wheels to spread the weight, they can carry up to 6 passengers on land and four passengers on water, while load capacity exceeds 1,000 lbs. for some models. The rear seats are arranged so that they face each other, leaving a large cargo area when they’re empty.

All Avenger models come with a bilge pump, full length skid plate, bearing extensions, reversible steel rims, and an entry step. With 12 models to choose from, there’s an XTV built to fit your needs.

Standard models come with the basics, letting you customize your XTV to best fit your needs.

Want the ultimate in backwoods comfort? The LX comes in unique colors and adds luxury features including upgraded seats, hand rails, and an audio system.

The Hunt Master is part of Argo’s Wilderness series. It’s built for hunting and fishing with plenty of room for guns, equipment, and game, as well as comfort features to help you weather long days chasing your quarry. It even comes in Mossy Oak’s Breakup Infinity camouflage pattern to help you blend into your surroundings.

The Responder is designed for emergency services, acting as a go-anywhere rescue vehicle. It comes with built-in mounts for a stretcher and an easy-to-access first aid cabinet. Argo offers accessories to turn this model into a fire fighting vehicle or as a complement to helicopter rescue services with an available stretcher basket and attachment points for a lift sling.