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The 2019 Argo Bigfoot 800 MX6

Argo is the vehicle of choice for first responders, line workers, hunters and anyone else who needs to work in remote areas, but what if you just want an XTV because it looks fun? This year, Argo is reviving one of their classic models for just this purpose. The Argo Avenger Bigfoot 800 MX6 is a small, simple model in the mold of its predecessor, but it goes in a different direction from other XTVs by focusing solely mud bogging.

Made for Mud

The Bigfoot comes new 25 x 12 inch mud tires have tall treads that bite into soft surfaces for maximum traction. These are mounted to aluminum beadlock rims to keep the bead from separating from the wheel at low tire pressures. This new tread design comes with one major trade-off: without the paddling action of their standard tires, this XTV is no longer amphibious. However, it still has the same sealed hull and full-length skid plate found on other models, so it’s still capable of fording water as long as the tires can still touch the ground.

The new tires provide the same low ground pressure as Argo’s other XTVs, letting the MX6 drive over areas that will leave other vehicles spinning their wheels. Couple that with 9.5 inches of ground clearance and a low center of gravity that keeps the Bigfoot stable at extreme angles, and you have a vehicle that can go places that would stop the mightiest off-roader in its tracks.

The Admiral transmission uses a chain drive to send power to all 6 wheels all of the time. Instead of using a steering rack to change direction, the Admiral has a pair of disc brakes linked to the drive system. Turning the handlebars slows the inner wheels gradually, making it feel like operating a regular UTV with electric power steering while being able to make extremely sharp turns. When shifted into low gear, the Admiral will spin the inside wheels backward, giving the Bigfoot a turning radius that’s shorter than the length of its body.

While based around the Avenger, the frame and body are cut down as much as possible to make the Bigfoot compact and maneuverable. At 95 inches long, it’s over a half foot shorter than Argo’s other 6-wheeler, the Frontier 6×6.


The MX6 is powered by a 30 HP liquid cooled EFI V-Twin, making it the most powerful 6×6 Argo has ever built. It comes paired with an Admiral ST transmission, giving this XTV to a top speed of 20 mph. Argo knows these vehicles will be thrashed by their owners, so a heavy-duty drive belt comes standard.


The MX6 has just two seats and can carry a maximum of 380 lbs. It can tow up to 1,200 lbs.

Standard Equipment

Argo has yet to roll out accessories for this new model, but they do include some of the line’s most popular equipment straight from the factory.
A brushguard protects the front end if you go sliding, while the included 3,500 lb. Warn winch can be mounted to the front or to the rear receiver hitch, letting you climb out of steep slopes, move obstacles and rescue other vehicles. Next to the driver, there’s a Jensen radio with Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to music while you drive.


Even the Bigfoot’s paint is different from the norm. The exclusive black gold color uses a black base coat with a layer of gold metal flake.

When You Think “Argo,” Think “Shank’s”

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