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The 2019 Aurora 800 SX

2019 Argo Aurora 800 SX

The new Aurora series takes everything that makes XTVs great and adds owners’ most requested design features including left-hand drive, improved steering and more comfortable seating. The 800 SX adds Argo’s most popular accessories to this new platform, making it a well-balanced machine.

Admiral with APS: The Latest Evolution in XTV Steering

Argo’s XTVs use brake-based steering like a skid steer, allowing the drive system to deliver all-wheel-drive 1005 of the time. The steering controls engage brakes built into the transmission, slowing the wheels on one side of the vehicle to make turns.

Early models used lever-based controls like you’ll find on a ZTS mower, eventually moving to handlebar controls to make operation feel more like an ATV. With the introduction of the Admiral transmission a few years ago, braking became gradual, making it easy to execute precise maneuvers.

Argo Progressive Steering (APS) is the latest evolution in the company’s drivetrain designs. This spring-based return system gives the steering more natural feedback without compromising the vehicle’s ability to make tight turns. This new feature is exclusive to the Aurora.

Argo offers the 800 SX with a choice of gearing. With the Admiral ST, this XTV tops out at 20 mph, while the HT limits speed to 17 mph while offering greater torque. A heavy-duty drive belt comes standard. Shifting into low gear with either transmission allows the transmission to spin the inside wheels backward, allowing the 800 to make turns within its own wheelbase.

Comfort and Capability

The rear jump seats have been replaced with a forward-facing bench seat. This lowers maximum occupancy to four people, but rear passengers will be a lot more comfortable. The driver now sits on the left side of the vehicle, making the Aurora easier to drive on dirt roads, while the gear lever is closer to the rest of the controls. A new hull design gives the SX a flat floor for more foot room, and the firewall is thicker to reduce noise and heat. Even with space for four people and some cargo, this vehicle is just 119 inches long and 60 inches wide, making it slightly smaller than a two-seater UTV. A low center of gravity reduces the chance of roll-over significantly, making this vehicle capable of tackling extreme slopes without needing a roll cage, increasing overall comfort.

Instead of a coil spring suspension, XTVs use the tires to absorb bumps. With the introduction of the Aurora, Argo has redesigned the tires to flex more easily for a better ride, while new steel beadlock rims allow for lower air pressure for better traction. The paddle-treaded design can propel the vehicle to a speed of 3 mph over water without requiring an outside drive system. Lighting has also been improved, switching to hi/low projector headlights and LED tail lights.

The 800 has 9.5 inches of ground clearance from the factory. It’s compatible with Argo’s track systems, letting you tailor your vehicle to different terrains from ice to mud. Installing a set of tracks increases ground clearance to 11 inches.


This XTV can carry up to 930 lbs. on land and 780 lbs. on water. Maximum passenger capacity is four people on both land and water. The Aurora can also tow up to 1,800 lbs.


One thing that hasn’t changed with this redesign is the engine. Argo still uses the same industrial engines as their other models, so you know you can rely on this vehicle when you’re exploring remote areas. The SX comes with a 30 HPV-twin that uses liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection for reliable, efficient power in any climate.

Standard Equipment

The SX comes with Argo’s most popular accessories straight from the factory. This includes a skid plate that covers the entire underside of the 800’s hull and a brushguard to protect the front end. If you manage to get stuck, or you need to rescue someone on the trail, you can use the front-mounted Warn winch. It’s rated at 3,500 lbs and can be operated using switches built into the dash.


The Aurora 800 SX is available in orange and green.

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