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The 2019 Aurora 950 SX

Are you looking for the ultimate off-road vehicle? The Aurora 950 SX combines the unmatched off-road and amphibious abilities of an XTV with the comfort and control improvements of the new Aurora line and the most powerful engine the company has ever offered.

The Most Powerful XTV in Argo’s History

When Argo decided to offer a powerful engine without compromising on the brand’s reputation for reliability, the choice was simple: Briggs & Stratton top-of-the-line Vanguard Big Block. Built for marine applications, this 40 HP air-cooled V-Twin comes equipped with EFI, giving it great fuel economy and reliable performance in a wide range of temperatures and altitudes. The engine is protected from the elements by a new front-latching hood, making it easier to access for maintenance.

Power is transferred to all 8 wheels using Argo’s Admiral CVT. The 950 is available with either the ST 6.2:1 final drive, which lets this model reach 20 mph, or the HT 8.1:1 final drive, which shaves 3 mph off of the top speed in exchange for more torque. To handle the extra power, the 950 has upgraded forged axles.

Control That’s Easier for New Drivers and Experienced Owners

XTVs use a skid steering system that gives it unmatched maneuverability off-road, but it can be difficult to get the hang of if you’re used to vehicles equipped with steering racks. To make the steering easier to learn and operate, Argo partnership with Hayes Performance Systems to develop their new APS steering system. This adds a pair of springs to the steering shaft, giving the handlebars a progressive feel like a traditional steering rack, and it auto-centers to keep the vehicle tracking straight. The 950 still retains Argo’s trademark full time all wheel drive, giving this vehicle excellent traction without the heavy steering you get when locking the differential on a UTV.

The controls have been moved to the left side of the vehicle, improving the view when driving on roads. The throttle is now controlled by a short finger lever, similar to what you’ll find on a high-end mountain bike brake. This reduces hand strain on long rides and gives the driver precision control for difficult maneuvers. Other controls including the starter, engine stop, and headlight switch are now mounted on the left side of the bars, while the shift lever is mounted in the dash within easy reach. To monitor the vehicle, the Aurora uses a set of automotive-style gauges including a speedometer and tachometer.

A Better Ride

The 950 SX comes with redesigned offset steel beadlock rims and tires. Between lower operating pressures and a more flexible sidewall, this wheel and tire combo delivers a 30% smoother ride without compromising off-road or on-water performance. They’re also ready to use with Argo’s track systems, letting you trade amphibious ability for better traction on mud, snow, sand or pavement.

The jump seats used in the back of other Argo models have been replaced with a forward-facing bench seat. This gives the SX seating for up to four people on land and water, and the rear seat can be removed for more cargo room. Speaking of room, changes to the hull and body shell have increased space around the control area by about 20%, and there’s more leg room all around thanks to a flat floor. Riding up front? You’ll appreciate the new insulated firewall, which reduces engine noise and heat.

Other Notable Features

The Aurora comes with automotive-style hi/low projector lights which are shielded on this model by a brush guard, while the rear lights have been upgraded with LEDs. The 950 also comes standard with a Warn Provantage winch with a steel cable rated at 3,500 lbs.

Cargo Capacity

This XTV carries up to 921 lbs. on land and 771 lbs. on water. Like other Auroras, it’s rated to tow
1,800 lbs.


The 950 SX is available in green and orange.

Is the Aurora 950 SX Right for You?

Whether you want the best Argo has to offer or you want to get the most from your current XTV, you can get the help you need from Shank’s Argo. We’re one of the biggest dealers on this side of the country, offering sales, service and parts support for these vehicles. Visit our showroom at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 from I-81 and drive one mile East. To schedule a test drive, contact us on the web:

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