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The 2019 Avenger Pro 800 XT

2019 Argo Avenger Pro 800 XT

Does your daily commute involve water, mud and rough terrain? The Avenger Pro 900 XT is Argo’s solution for getting to work sites that don’t have the infrastructure to support regular off-road vehicles. With space for up to 6 people, this amphibious UTV can get your crew and equipment

The Perfect Vehicle for the Most Remote Commutes

The Avenger Pro is designed to complement the truck-like Conquest series, maximizing passenger space for transporting crews to remote areas. It comes with the same amphibious abilities, full time all wheel drive and low ground pressure that have made their recreational models famous, along with upgrades to improve performance and reduce maintenance intervals.

Need to cross water? The 900 Pro floats, and its tires act as paddles, letting you cross bodies of water without needing a ramp, dock or shallow crossing.

Working in an area with beaches, marshes, mud or snow? With 8 giant tires supporting the weight of the vehicle, this XTV has lower ground pressure than a human foot. This lets it glide over soft surfaces, traveling with ease in areas where other vehicles would get stuck.

Dealing with steep terrain? The unique design of an XTV eliminates the need for a long travel suspension, keeping the center of gravity low and the maximum slope high.

It should be no surprise that the Avenger is a popular choice for crews working on off-shore drilling platforms, mines, campsites, and anywhere else traditional vehicles can’t reach.

Built for Reliable Performance in the World’s Most Extreme Conditions

The Avenger 900 Pro is powered by an industrial 30 HP liquid-cooled V-Twin equipped with electronic fuel injection. Like the rest of the vehicle, this engine has been set up to endure temperatures ranging from -40 to 104ºF, making it suitable for use everywhere from tundra to deserts. This engine is fitted with a 40 amp alternator to power onboard lighting and accessories.

Power is sent to Argo’s Admiral transmission, offering full time all wheel drive and variable steering that makes it steer more like a regular UTV. Thanks to the vehicle’s large contact area, scrubbing is minimal, even on pavement. Argo offers this vehicle with a choice of ST gearing for balanced performance and a top speed of 20 mph, while HT gearing maxes out at 17 mph while offering more torque. An automatic chain lubrication system and an HD drive belt come standard, reducing maintenance.

The Pro comes from the factory with a brushguard to shield the front end and headlights. For pulling out vehicles and rescuing equipment, a 3,500 lb. Warn winch is mounted to the front end. A kit is available to move and attach the winch to the rear receiver hitch.


The Pro 900 has a maximum payload capacity of 860 lbs. including 6 passengers on land and 710 lbs. with up to 4 people on water. It also has a rear receiver hitch that can handle up to 1,800 lbs. A cargo rack is included, letting you strap down up to 50 lbs. of tools and other items to the front of the vehicle to free up cab space.


A rollover protection system isn’t required on an XTV thanks to its high stability, but a ROPS covering the entire cab can be added to comply with workplace regulations. The Avenger can also be fitted with an enclosure, a windshield and a heater kit for improved weather protection. For greater passenger comfort, the side-facing rear seats can be replaced by a single bench seat.

Argo offers amphibious trailers that use the same hull and wheel design as their XTVs so they can be towed over land and water. These can be left empty for maximum storage space or fitted with a universal mount system to permanently mount equipment including generators and tool boxes.


This model is available in Industrial Yellow and Tundra Green.

When Your Business Depends On Your Vehicles, Turn to the Experts

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