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The 2020 Argo Frontier: The Latest Off-Road Technology is Now Affordable

Last year, Argo introduced the Aurora, an all-new design that pointed the way forward for their XTVs.
Better steering, more room and updated controls makes them the easiest-to-use vehicles in Argo’s history. Now those same features have made their way to the Frontier line. That means you can get Argo’s latest technology in a vehicle priced competitively with UTVs.

Better Seating and Steering

A redesigned floor pan adds 20% more room to the front passenger area. Controls are now on the left side, giving you a clear view while driving on roads and trails.

The Avenger still uses Argo’s classic transmission. It works like a skid steer, applying 100% braking force and achieving zero-radius turns. The redesign brings Argo Progressive Steering (APS) to the controls. This quadruples the range of the handlebars and uses progressive return springs. The result is more precise control, better steering feel, and less chance of riding the steering brakes.


Argo now uses Vanguard small block v-twins in all Frontier models. Built by Briggs & Stratton’s commercial division, these air-cooled engines have built a reputation for reliability in a wide range of professional equipment from earth drills to lawnmowers. Argo adapted these engines to the Frontier by designing a new muffler to control noise. Added heat shielding in the engine compartment reduces noise and makes the cab more comfortable in summer. The top speeds with the ST transmission are 22 MPH for 6×6 models and 19 MPH for 8×8 models. The HT offers more torque, lowering top speed to 13 MPH.

The Frontier rides on 8-inch rims fitted with 24-inch tires. This gives the vehicle a large contact patch that minimized ground pressure. As a result, it can drive over soft mud and sand where other vehicles will dig in. That means you’re less likely to get stuck, and you’ll have less impact on the environment. The design has a low center of gravity for hill stability, and with 9 inches of ground clearance, you’ll have no trouble tackling any trail.

The added buoyancy of the tires combined with the one-piece hull design lets these vehicles travel in water. The paddling action of the tire treads propels the vehicle at a top speed of 3 mph. If you need to go faster, you can add a mount for an outboard motor.

Seating and cargo space is better than a side-by-side despite a smaller overall package. All Frontiers are 58 inches wide. 6×6’s are 90 inches long and seat four people, while 8x8s are 119 inches long and seat 6 people.

Frontier 600 6×6

Argo’s most basic model keeps equipment to a minimum, resulting in a price tag that is comparable to a low end side-by-side. Unlike other Frontier models, you’ll need to add axle extensions to fit a set of tracks, there’s no HT transmission option, and the carburetor-equipped engine is harder to start in extreme cold. However, you’ll still get all the off-road and water performance Argo is known for.

– 18 HP
– Payload capacity: 595 lbs. and four people on land, 395 lbs. and two people on water.
– Towing capacity: 1,200 lbs.

Frontier 700 6×6

Want more from your XTV? The 700 adds axle extensions and upgrades the engine to a 23 HP EFI unit.

Payload capacity: 570 lbs. and four people on land, 370 lbs. and two people on water.
Towing capacity: 1,200 lbs.

Frontier 700 Scout 6×6

The smallest model in Argo’s Hunt Master line adds a front rack and 2,500 lb. winch to the standard 700. It’s available in Mossy Oak’s Break-Up Country and Shadow Grass Blades camo patterns.

Payload capacity: 490 lbs. and four people on land, 290 lbs. and two people on water.
Towing capacity: 1,200 lbs.

Frontier 650 8×8

The 600’s 8 wheel cousin comes with a 23 HP carburetor-equipped V-Twin.

Payload capacity: 855 lbs. and six people on land, 755 lbs. and four people on water.
Towing capacity: 1,200 lbs.

Frontier 700 8×8

This model comes with a 23 hp EFI engine.

Payload capacity: 840 lbs. and six people on land, 740 lbs. and four people on water.
Towing capacity: 1,200 lbs.

Frontier 700 Scout 8×8

Like the 6 wheel version, this Scout adds a front rack, 2,500 lb. winch and choice of camo patterns to the standard Scout 8×8.

Payload capacity: 780 lbs. and six people on land, 680 lbs. and four people on water.
Towing capacity: 1,200 lbs.

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