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Transporting Your XTV

An Argo can go anywhere, but you probably aren’t lucky enough to be next to the outdoor areas you want to explore. That means you’ll need to transport it to your local hunting spot or trail. These tips will help you load and secure your XTV safely for your next excursion.

How Big is an Argo XTV?

Size varies depending on the year of manufacture and installed accessories. Here are the dimensions for current vehicles as they come out of the factory:

Frontier 6x6s: 96 inches long and 58 inches wide
Frontier 8x8s: 119 x 58 inches
Aurora: 119 x 60 inches
Conquest: 128 x 65 inches

Without a ROPS or accessories, a Conquest is 53 inches tall. All other XTVs are 45 inches tall as measured to the bottom of the tires to the hood. As measured to the top of the front seats, they’re 51 inches tall. Of course, adding accessories like winches and outboard motor mounts will increase length, and adding a ROPS will increase height.

Can I Carry My Argo in My Truck Bed?

Probably not. A standard full-size truck bed is 54 inches wide, but the smallest XTV is 58 inches wide. Also, since an Argo has wheels running the length of its body, it can’t straddle your truck’s wheel wells. Unless your truck has a flatbed, you’ll need to tow your Argo on a trailer.

What You Shouldn’t Do when Loading Your XTV

Do not tie down the vehicle using handrails or tie down loops. These are built to handle the weight of cargo and passengers, not the entire vehicle. Likewise, tow hooks are built for force going straight forward or rearward, not downward force. Using them as tie-down points can bend the body.

Don’t use your Argo’s winch as a tie-down. Shock loads can break winch cables, and you can never be sure that you’ve taken all of the slack out of the cable.

Loading and Tying Down Your Argo

Your trailer needs to be on a flat, level surface. At the very least, all wheels of the trailer should be touching the ground. While your amphibious ATV may have no trouble climbing up onto your trailer, sudden weight shifts can make the trailer unstable.

If your Argo has a windshield, fold it down. Load your vehicle so it’s facing rearward. This will keep wind from flipping the windshield up during transport. Secure the windshield with a tie-down strap or rope.

It’s best to leave the storage cover off of the vehicle during transport. If you must leave it covered for weather protection, put some foam between the cover and sharp areas including the exhaust and winch.

The axles are solid, making them great tie-down points. Use tie-down straps around the front and rear axles. Remember that while your amphibious ATV doesn’t have a typical suspension, the tires will flex under load. Get the straps tight enough to make the sidewalls visibly bulge. Once the vehicle is secure, the flex of the tires will absorb bumps, keeping the vehicle stable.

Helicopter Towing

Your amphibious ATV can be transported by helicopter if it’s fitted with a helicopter towing kit. It comes with D-rings that bolt onto the hubs of the vehicle, using the axles to support the weight. These rings are only compatible with 9-inch rims fitted to 25-inch tires. They won’t work with offset or aluminum bead lock rims, as the rim can interfere with the tow straps. The rings are designed for a maximum load of 2,410 lbs, which is enough to carry an 8×8 XTV and any cargo or accessories within its payload limit.

Your One-Stop Shop for Everything Argo

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