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Upgrade to the Gold Standard of Avenger XTVs

Need to move a lot of people through rough terrain and across streams, lakes, and rivers? Argo’s Avenger series features seating for up to six people when driving on land and four people when traveling over water. With 12 models to choose from, there’s an Avenger to fit any role from wilderness tours to firefighting.

Every Avenger model comes with a skid plate that runs the length of the body to prevent damage from bumps against rocks and branches, a bilge pump to keep the interior from filling with water, and a side-entry step to make it easy to get in the vehicle. New Avengers also come with new forged one piece axles for even better reliability.

Avenger 8×8 S

750_bareA 30 hp Kohler liquid cooled V-Twin connects to Argo’s standard CVT transmission for a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) or a high torque transmission that has a top speed of 17 mph (27 km/h,) exchanging speed for climbing ability. With either transmission, water speeds are limited to 3 MPH (5 km/h.) The S can carry up to 1,100 lbs. (503 kg) and has a brake cooling fan to keep the steering system cool on long drives. Colors for this model include green, black, and Mossy Oak’s Infinity Breakup camo pattern, applied to the top half of the vehicle.

Avenger 8×8 ST

avenger8x8stx_360-001-blackrimsThe payload is 30 lbs. (18 kg) less than the S, but it comes with the Admiral CVT transmission, which adds independent brakes to the wheels for steering. This improves maneuverability but keeps the same simple handlebar controls found on standard transmission models. It also reduces the vehicle’s turning circle: when shifted into low gear, Admiral-equipped models can make a turn within the length of the vehicle. Like the S, the ST’s Admiral transmission is available in standard and high torque versions with the same top speeds. It does not come with a cooling fan, but one can be added. Maximum payload for this model is 1,070 lbs. (485 kg.)

Avenger 8×8 STR/STX

avenger-8x8-stx-infinity-camoThe STR swaps the ST’s steel wheels for aluminum beadlock rims to ensure a tight seal even at low tire pressures. It has a payload capacity of 1,045 lbs. (474 kg.)

The STX model uses a High-Speed Admiral transmission, bringing top speed to 25 mph (40 km/h) on land. It also comes with a brake cooling fan.

Avenger 8×8 LX

lx-wine-cranberry-silver-2This model is identical to the STX, but it comes with premium seats, a stereo, hand rails and brake and tail lights. The LX is also offered in three unique colors: Cranberry Wine, Silver Shadow and Sunset Magic. That’s red, silver and orange, respectively.

Avenger Hunt Master

hunstman_360-001The Hunt Master adds equipment to the standard Avenger to make it better suited for hunting excursions. This includes premium seats, a front rack, gun rack, hand rails, front-mounted 3,500 lb (1,588 kg) Warn winch, fog lights and tail and brake lights. The upper body uses Mossy Oak’s Break-Up Infinity camo pattern, and the racks are painted a light brown to blend in with the paint job.

The Hunt Master is offered in several versions, with each one using the standard Admiral transmission. The standard and Z models use steel wheels, while the R, X and ZX have aluminum beadlock wheels. The Z and ZX come with a heater, and the X and ZX come with brake cooling fans.


responder-sarThis version of the Avenger is built for emergency medical services and comes with LED spot lights, perimeter lighting, warning lights, a red beacon light, a stretcher and a compartment for first aid supplies. With the stretcher folded out, the left side seats are covered, limiting passenger capacity to three people. The Responder can also be outfitted for firefighting with a 75 gallon (284 L) water tank, five gallon (19 L) Scotty foam system and a CET fire pump system.

The standard Responder uses steel wheels and has the standard or high torque Admiral transmission, while the Responder X has aluminum beadlock wheels and the high-speed transmission.

If you need to get people into and out of remote areas, it’s hard to beat an Avenger. These 8-wheel Xtreme Terrain Vehicles can handle off-road driving as well as any UTV, and they can move people across bodies of water without having to switch to a boat. With versions available for hunting excursions, emergency services, and general use, there’s a model available to fit your needs.


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